Week 59 | Deloraine to Railton

Day 407: Deloraine

Waking up in Deloraine by the river is a beautiful start to the day. Where else would you want to be? There was plenty of low cloud cover and a lot of dew and then a beautiful blue sky. With a maximum expected of 22 today it should be really pleasant for a work day. First up after breakfast is a walk along the riverbank. We have often talked about what we’ll do when we return home, we’re still undecided but one thing we do know is that we must be near water, whether that’s the ocean, or a river. Who knows how we will feel when we return home. Travelling is addictive and there is so much that we haven’t seen. Funding further travel is the million dollar question though.  Time to get the laptop out and spend the day working.

Wildlife: ducks, water hens, plovers, platypus.

Day 408: Deloraine

A lazy start to the day before we walk into town to the Deloraine Deli for a lovely morning tea. I chose the orange pistachio brûlée cake and Andrew has the macadamia cheesecake. They are both delicious. Andrew is heading back home and I’m having a wander through town as there are a lot of interesting shops with a lot of local art and craft works. There are some very creative people in Deloraine. They have a fantastic art space which is run by volunteers and has booths for individual artists to work, display & sell their artworks. I spent quite a bit of time here wandering around admiring the amazing works.

Back at home and it’s another full afternoon of work for me. A late afternoon walk by the river and another day is coming to a close.  Tonight’s sunset and reflections on the river were so pretty in many shades of yellow, pink and purple.  I think we’ll be in for a cold night…

Wildlife: ducks, geese, plovers, water hens, platypus.

Day 409: Deloraine

We are waking up to a cold and drizzly day with an expected maximum of 15. The wind is blowing a gale so it looks like we’ll be stuck indoors for the day. It’s 11 degrees when we wake up and by 9.00am it’s dropped to 9 degrees. We’re heading off to Chudleigh tomorrow after having new tyres fitted on the van and we’ll be free camping for a few days so we’re hoping that it’s going to be a little warmer. Time to stock up with a few groceries so that we’ve got enough supplies to see us through to next Wednesday when we board the Spirit of Tasmania.

It’s all about work this week for me so the laptop is out and we have moved outside while the sun is shining. In the end the wind is so cold that it drives us back inside the van. The drizzle begins again. Late this afternoon we take in the awning and pack all the tables and chairs away in preparation for our move tomorrow. It’s been very relaxing by the river even though a lot of my time has been spent working.

Wildlife: geese, ducks, water hens, plovers.

Day 410: Chudleigh

Another cold, drizzly start to the day.  We take our time getting organised to leave as the caravan is booked in for 10.00am to have new tyres fitted. Andrew heads into the office and comes back to tell me that we have to back the caravan into the shed.  Pressure… There is plenty of room and under instruction from the Little General (as my brother Ray calls me) Andrew is backed in with ease.

I take Cinta for a walk outside while we’re waiting but the wind is howling and there is a light drizzle.  It’s damned cold.  Cinta wants to get back in the car, she’s not interested in wandering around killing time, she’s cold too.  She’s grown such a lovely coat while we’ve been travelling and I can just imagine the shedding once we come back to a warmer climate.  It’s bad enough now.  I couldn’t resist this photo as she’d only been back in the car less than 5 minutes and she was asleep sitting up!  She’s such a great traveller; she just sleeps the whole time while we’re on the road.

The new tyres are on and we’re off to Chudleigh which is only 16km away.  We’re staying at the Chudleigh showgrounds.  Camping is by donation to the general store and it’s $5 a night.  The new toilet block is right next door and it’s cleaned regularly by the council.  We’ve got a great spot right in front of the fence which is adorned by rose bushes.

It’s such a cold miserable day that the rest of the afternoon is spent indoors and of course, it’s more work for me.  I’ll be glad when this week is over and things settle down a bit work wise.  I’m hoping to take most of next week off when we’re in Ararat catching up with family.  I do have a board meeting on the Monday which will interfere with those plans though.

Wildlife: cattle, sheep, alpacas, rabbits, dead pademelons.

Day 411: Chudleigh

A very cold start to the day with the temperature plummeting to 7 degrees overnight.  It’s a lot harder to handle the cold when you are free camping.  The caravan get’s so cold inside.  A lot of people have diesel heaters but that’s something I don’t think we would ever invest in.  Just add another layer!  Thank heavens for Florrie’s beanies, they’ve certainly had a work out.

Across the road is the Melita Honey Farm.  We met the owners while there and it was interesting to hear their story of how they came over from the Netherlands and have been running the honey farm for the past 18 years.  The premises are amazing, not just a shop but a real experience of learning about bees and honey with interactive displays. There are plenty of tastings too of every type of honey in the shop and you can also try two types of nougat.  The honey and nougat is made onsite and we ended up leaving with a macadamia honey, a lime honey and some nougat.

Fanny from the Honey Farm recommended the Earthwater cafe which is a short drive past Mole Creek.  We’ve been watching all the caravans drive past the camp grounds since arriving yesterday and Fanny told us there was an annual music festival on this weekend with 2000 tickets and it was sold out.  It’s a “Day at the Creek” and one of the farmers opens his paddock up for camping.  We couldn’t believe how many caravans were in the paddock when we drove past.  It’s going to be a big weekend at Mole Creek!

The Earthwater cafe is out on an acreage property and it’s really lovely with seating in the garden or on one of the decks.  It’s got a really good atmosphere and it would be lovely to sit by the fire.  Given that it’s summer and the Tasmanian’s are not feeling the cold like us Queenslanders, the fire is not lit today.

The burger was a beauty on Turkish bread and the home made chips were the best we have tasted in a long time.  Crispy on the outside and lovely and fluffy inside.  After a lovely day out we are heading back home to take Cinta for a long walk and time for me to do some more work…  It’s going to be another cold night and there’s a lovely sunset with fluffy clouds turning from white to pink.

Wildlife: cattle, sheep, alpacas, rabbits

Day 412: Chudleigh to Railton

Another chilly start to our morning and a surprise call from my son Conrad.  He’s just come back into range after weathering terribly bad weather in the gulf after Cyclone Esther passed.  It’s been the worst weather he’s seen in the gulf and for the first time he’s been sea sick along with a lot of the crew.  What an experience.  Time for us to get organised and make our way to Railton for the next two nights free camping.

We stayed at the Railton RV park just after arriving in Tasmania and it’s a great spot to free camp.  There’s a dump point and water available and toilets a short distance away.  Railton is only 40km from Chudleigh so our journey today is short.   The markets are on in the local hall so we have a wander over to check them out.  Lot’s of local craft, fruit and vegies and plants.  Back at the van and time to get the laptop out again and do some more work.  Andrew is chatting with the neighbour, another Queenslander.

Wildlife: sheep, horses, alpaca, cattle, dead possums, dead pademelons, Fairy wrens, dead chicken.

Day 413:  Railton

Waking up today and the weather is overcast, drizzly and cold.  We are taking a drive out to Elizabeth Town to visit the Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm, a family owned and operated business since the late 1880’s.  Milk, cheese, butter, cream and ice cream.  There is plenty to taste and also a variety of well known Tasmanian produce for sale.  We decide to have lunch and I’ve chosen the trio of cheese on sourdough and Andrew has the leg ham and cheese toasty.  All meals come with potato crisps, green salad or potato salad.  The meals are very generous and the prices are really good too.  Plain simple tasty food.

There are plenty of colourful cow sculptures around the farm and I can’t resist photographing most of them.

On the way home we pass a couple of steam engines on the road.  The annual steamfest is being held in Sheffield next weekend.  Such a shame that we’ll miss it.  When we arrive at Railton there’s one parked up in the main street and the guys are filling up with water and topping up with firewood.  Apparently the steam engines we passed only travel at 2km an hour, so they have quite a way to go yet to get to Sheffield.

Time is almost up for our adventure in Tasmania, it’s been almost 4 months and Tasmania is absolutely beautiful.  There is so much to see and the country is quite diverse, we have loved every minute of our time here, met some great people while house sitting and travelling.  We won’t miss the weather!

Wildlife: dead pademelons, sheep, cattle, echidna, horses.

Week 59 total expenses: $1104.65 over budget this week due to the purchase of our new tyres at $700.



That’s a wrap for Week 59 of the Lap of the Map.

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