Week 82 | Townsville to Mission Beach

Day 568 – 572: Townsville

Week 82 is the final week of an epic journey around Australia. After leaving Mission Beach just over eighteen months ago we never would have thought that we would still be on the road in August 2020. It has been the most exciting times of our lives. Travelling is addictive and it will always be a part of our life in the future.

This week sees us still in Townsville waiting on the Ford dealership to resolve the issue with our car. Needless to say it’s very frustrating. On the positive side we get to spend more time with my family.

We have caught up with Wendy for morning tea to celebrate her birthday and had craft again followed by drinks next door with Julie’s neighbours. It has been really lovely to have the time to catch up with so many friends.

Waking up this morning to a heavy dew and fog. It’s a real pea souper. We hope to pick up our car this afternoon and then head home to Mission Beach in the morning.

Day 572: Townsville to Mission beach

The final day of our journey. Time to say goodbye to the family at 8.16am and head for home. There are mixed emotions as we drive the familiar road. Lush green mountains and fields of sugar cane. It’s always a warm fuzzy feeling.

We arrive around lunch time and park the van on the front lawn. It’s great to see Raymond again too. The house is lovely and tidy and the gardens have grown so much. It’s a very strange feeling being back at the house, quite overwhelming really. We are going to stay in the van as we’re only going to be home for a week before we head off on a holiday from the holiday! Minus the caravan and minus Cinta…

It’s so great to see our neighbours again; Gunther and Barbara. Gunther meticulously cuts our golden sheena hedge which spans the full length of our driveway, clears our gutters of the thousands and thousands of leaves that collect from the other neighbours trees, mows our grass and sweeps leaves from our driveway. We are forever greatful to Gunther and we can’t thank him enough for everything that he has done for us while we have been away.

Tonight we’re catching up at Spicy Thai with 18 of our friends; our Friday night dinner crew. What an awesome night, great food, great company and a great welcome back home. A big thanks to Jackie and Keith, the food certainly didn’t disappoint. I forgot to get a photo….must have had too many scotches…

We just had to do sunrise this morning. Stepping onto the beach the feeling of being home just flooded our minds. While it wasn’t the best sunrise we’ve seen at Mission Beach it certainly was one that cemented any doubts of ever leaving this piece of paradise on a permanent basis.

The weekend ahead is packed with a long awaited scrabble game with my crazy girlfriends, (wow, what a catch up!), dinner with the Bingil Bay Bunch and catching up with new friends from the Gold Coast who are here in Mission Beach. We are so blessed to have so many friends in our life – we love you all so much and have missed you all like you wouldn’t believe. Many people have asked us on our journey what have we missed the most and our answer is always “our family and friends”. Cheers to being home….if only for a short time for now…

For those of you who are interested, here’s some of our stats over the past 572 days.

Fuel – most expensive; Erldunda NT $2.05 p/l cheapest; Gladstone $1.02 p/l$8,218.15
Gas – most expensive; Exmouth WA $43 8.5kg swap n go$352.75
Groceries – if only we didn’t have to eat…$15,226.84
Accommodation – most expensive; Broome $54 included $2 dog fee!
106 nights house sitting
2 nights in a State Forest
1 night in a cabin at Wave Rock
2 nights in a BnB at Margaret River
199 nights free camping or with family
261 nights, caravan parks, turf clubs, golf clubs, RSL’s, showgrounds
Maintenance – most expensive; Devonport 4 x car tyres$5,064.44
Eating Out – we don’t miss out on anything!$7,523.03
Alcohol – you can’t miss out on happy hour! That’s what it’s all about….$2,245.27
Experiences – most expensive; Horizontal Falls – Derby – worth every $$6,307.17
Mobile phone & WiFi router$3,384.00
Other sundry expenses – including insurances, registrations, RACQ road assist, medications, Cinta’s expenses, donations and laundry costs$14,515.96
Total cost over 572 days; averages $112.72 per day$64,475.38
Travel distance – 42,589km

Wildlife: dead pig, dead echidna, dead kangaroos, dead bandicoot

Everyone asks if we would do it again. Let’s just say, it’s not over yet. That’s a wrap for our journey around Australia. We hope you’ve enjoyed travelling with us.

Week 82 total expenses: $353.51



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