Week 81 | Townsville

Day 561: Townsville

This week is all about family time and catching up with friends. It’s the last week of our journey of just over 40,000km. When we left home on the 14th January last year, neither of us expected that we would still be travelling 18 months later. It’s addictive. Travel will always be a part of our lives.

We’ve had an early morning wake up call with the men arriving to start digging the new sullage drain. We’ve never seen anything like this before so both of us are interested in the process. I’ve made some scones for the workers for their morning tea break and Julie has baked some cakes. The whole job is completed by mid afternoon. The remainder of the afternoon is spent relaxing.

Wildlife: dead kangaroos, hawks, chicken.

Day 562: Townsville

It’s been a cold start to the morning with the temperature going down to 9 degrees. We are up early to take the car into the Ford dealership to sort out the problem with the ignition. The car is cranking over but not starting up and it’s caught us out on 5 occasions now. We are hoping that it does this when we drop it off so that the mechanics know what we are experiencing. I’ve also taken a short video of the problem just in case. We’re in the drop off queue and we’ve turned the engine off. The staff have beckoned us to move forward and the car won’t start. We are both relieved it’s happened there so they can see what the issue is. We’re lucky to have a loan car while it’s being fixed.

Mum and I are off to have Lunch with Dawn, Kerryn & Leanne. We have a lovely time and back at home I catch up on some work during the afternoon. The car is not ready so let’s hope they can solve the problem tomorrow. Tonight we are having an early happy hour and sausage sizzle by the fire pit.

Wildlife: dead kangaroos, hawks, chicken.


Another cool morning at 9 degrees. Today is the weekly craft day. I’m making scones again for morning tea. Most of the ladies that usually come are currently away. It’s lovely to catch up with Shirley and to meet her sister Alma. I do a bit of stamping and colouring in some cards for Mum. We have a really great day.

Tonight we are all going down to the Kelso RSL for dinner. Andrew has his usual chicken parmi and I have the salt & pepper calamari. The meals are huge and I can’t finish mine. We put some money in the pokies and come home with a small win. It’s a lovely night out with Julie, John and Mum.

Wildlife: hawks, dead kangaroos, chicken.


I’m working this morning and then catching up with Linda in New Zealand on a video call. Technology is a fantastic thing to be able to catch up with friends all over the world. Linda’s birthday is tomorrow, so it was really great to be able to have time to catch up on everything with her. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Linda!

Tonight we are catching up with Pete and Anne for dinner. Pete fancies himself as a bit of a good cook and he certainly didn’t disappoint us with Chicken Chasseuer on the menu. We had a lovely evening catching up. Thanks so much Pete and Anne.

Wildlife: possum, kangaroos, chicken, hawks.

Day 565: townsville

We are up early this morning so that Andrew can put beef cheeks on in the slow cooker for tonight’s family dinner. Then we are heading into the city to pick up our car. Apparently it needed a new cam sensor (don’t ask me what that is) but they assure us the problem is fixed. We fill up with fuel and head over to Supercheap auto to pick up a few things. Back in the car and it cranks over and won’t start. Needless to say a few choice words came out of my mouth. Andrew tries a few times. It just won’t start. We call Ford and then wait awhile to see if it will kick over again. Finally it starts up and we head back to the dealership. We are both not particularly happy. They assure us they’ll get it sorted and call this afternoon as we are planning on leaving tomorrow.

I’ve had another drone flight this afternoon and taken a few aerial photos for Julie of their property and also for the neighbours.

To our dismay there is no call about our car. I am quite furious. So, it looks like we will be in Townsville for longer than we had planned. Lucky we have a loan car. Andrew will have to drive up to Tully for an appointment that couldn’t be changed on Monday and then drive back to Townsville. I’ll be calling the dealership mid morning Monday if they haven’t bothered to call us by then.

We have an early happy hour this afternoon followed by the slow cooked beef cheeks. They are a winner with the family.

Wildlife: chickens, sea eagle, dead kangaroos.

Day 566: Townsville

After a lazy start to our day we take Mum for a drive to Pallarenda for morning tea. The foreshore has been developed with a walking track, picnic areas, BBQ’s and artworks. The pathways were recently upgraded and extended. There’s a couple of coffee vans parked up in different areas so we pull up at Soroptomist Park to have our morning tea beside the beach.

The artworks are within walking distance so I head off to photograph the mosaics and sculptures. To my surprise the mosaics were completed in 1994 for the International Year of the Child. They are really bright and colourful.

On the way home we drive past the new Queensland Country Bank Stadium home of the North Queensland Cowboys NRL team. There are mixed comments from locals about the new stadium with very limited parking available nearby. There is no “hill” for families to sit on the green grass with children able to run and play during the game. The seating and steps are steep and narrow, making it difficult for the elderly. On the positive side it will attract more visitors into the city centre which will benefit local businesses and the tourism industry.

Wildlife: black cockatoos, kangaroos, chicken.


Andrew is heading off to Mission Beach this morning for an overnighter. We’ve packed up the loan car with items that are not used regularly or not used at all during the 18 month journey. He’s picked bags of oranges and bush lemons from Julie and John’s trees to take back to our neighbours Gunther and Barbara.

It’s time for me to do the weekly budget and write the blog. This will be the second last blog of the journey as we hope to be back in Mission Beach before the end of next week. Our expenses are up this week as we’ve lashed out and bought some lovely sheepskin seat covers for the car. The cupboards are stocked up with groceries and the car is full of fuel just waiting to go when it’s finally fixed! Until next week, stay safe and healthy.

Week 81 total expenses: $955.02



That’s a wrap for our journey around Australia. We hope you’ve enjoyed travelling with us.

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One thought on “Week 81 | Townsville

  1. A great journey. Sorry to hear you have had the car problem, fingers crossed for you for a correct fix up on Monday. I would love to receive Andrews slow cooked beef cheeks recipe. We love them too.

    Dot 🦋🌼


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