Week 80 | Bowen to Townsville

Day 554: Bowen

High tide is at 8.00am this morning. We are all awake at 6.00am preparing breakfast and getting ourselves ready to fish the beach. It’s a pleasant 14 degrees when we walk onto the beach at 7.30am. The sun has already risen and is glistening across the calm ocean through the cloud cover. Andrew baits my line and throws it in for me. He’s a keeper! We spend two hours fishing and only have 2 bites. How disappointing. The tide is on its way out so we pack up and head back to the park.

There’s nothing better than a hot shower after a fishing trip. It’s time to do a grocery shop and get Andrew a new fishing cap. He’s going to have two days fishing the rivers with Pete after we arrive in Townsville. This afternoon we’re relaxing before spending tomorrow packing up again.

Wildlife: seagulls, kookaburras, lorikeets, turtle.

Day 555: Bowen

Our last day in Bowen and we’ve had a lazy start to our morning. There’s a lot of bird life in the park and at night the bats fly across so the van has got quite dirty. Andrew is giving it a wash down this morning. I’m cleaning all the bathroom and doing the blinds.

It’s an overcast windy day today so we don’t sit outside for very long this afternoon. Retreating to the van we spend some time reading and then catching up on a Netflix series. The rain is getting closer so we decide to pull the awning in and pack everything away. After having no work all month I’ve had an urgent request come in so my focus turns to work. An early night for us tonight before we see our family tomorrow.

Day 556: Bowen to Townsville

Neither of us have slept well with excitement of heading to Townsville today. It’s been 18 months since we’ve seen Mum so I am super excited. Bowen has put on a spectacular sunrise this morning for our last morning so I take a few quick photos before it disappears.

We are on the road by 8.00am & it’s 19 degrees. We have absolutely loved our stay in Bowen. It has so much to offer to travellers. Stunning beaches, fishing, all the required services and shopping facilities yet it still feels relatively undiscovered. The Wangaratta Caravan Park at Queens Beach is definitely one to return to.

Travelling up the highway the temperature drops to 16 degrees as the rain begins to fall. We have a very quick stop at Brandon to make our coffee and then continue driving. There’s roadworks from Ayr right through to south of Townsville. It’s great to see money being spent on trying to floodproof the Bruce Highway.

We’re pulling up at Julie and John’s by 11.30am. Julie’s place is commonly known to the family as the Steel Kingdom! We’re parking the van out of the front of the property as Julie and John are having a new sullage trench dug for their septic system. It’s been a long time coming and it just happens to be the only time the guys can come to do it. They’ll need access to the back yard right where we were going to be parked.

It’s so great to see everyone again. It’s a long afternoon with lots of stories, plenty of laughs and a few drinks before dinner. Cinta meets Yogi again and she’s not particularly friendly to him. Poor Yogi is banished to the back yard and the princess has the front yard.

A thunderstorm rolls in and Cinta is agitated and barking. There is a no dog policy in mum’s unit, however, Cinta is allowed to come inside and sit on her mat. She is a very privileged princess! An early night for Andrew as he has a 4.30am wake up call to get organised for his fishing trip tomorrow.

Wildlife: horses, seagulls, lorikeets, chicken and an array of bird life at the Steel Kingdom!

Day 557: Townsville

The alarm goes off at 4.30am. Neither of us slept well, it rained for quite some time very heavy on the caravan roof. We had 57ml which is unseasonal at this time of year for Townsville. Andrew is off to Pete’s by 5.00am ready for his day on the river. I doze back off again and drag myself into the house around 8ish. Julie and I head off to the shops and run some errands and have a lovely lunch at the Coffee Club. I’ve checked out a new lens for my camera and hope to make a purchase before we leave Townsville.

Andrew is really tired by the time he gets home and the fishing tally was 10 fish caught with 8 undersize having to be thrown back in. The thrill was in the catch though and 2 bream have been filleted. He’s had a great day with Pete.

Day 558: Townsville

Another 4.30am wake up call and the fisherman is heading off for a second day on the river. Let’s hope there are a few more fish coming home tonight. Mum, Julie and I are catching up with our very good friends Leanne (from Townsville) and Dawn (from Mission Beach). I haven’t seen them both since we left last year. It’s so good to see them again and the lunch break goes too quick. Andrew and I are catching up with them all again on Sunday night for dinner.

A proud fisherman phones through the fish tally. Twenty two fish caught for the day. A mix of salmon, cod, flathead bream and a mud crab. The boys have filleted up all the fish and Andrew is home late after two very big days out on the river. He’s had an awesome time with Pete and can’t thank him enough for taking him fishing again. I can’t wait for fish for dinner.

Day 559: Townsville

A lazy start to our morning before Andrew heads back over to Pete’s to clean the boat down. The remainder of the day is relaxed followed by a few early drinks mid afternoon. John is cooking a roast lamb in the camp oven and then we’re having a fire. The roast lamb is so tender and succulent and we all enjoy a big feed with plenty of veggies too. The fire is well under way and we have a lovely evening all together.

Day 560: townsville

Andrew is cooking pancakes this morning for the family. Mum loves his pancakes! This morning we are having a visit from two of my friends from our craft group; Wendy and Kath. We have a really lovely morning catching up on stories from our journey. Wendy has recently had a fall and broken her wrist in several places and will have surgery next week. It’s so good to see them both again and we all enjoyed plenty of laughs. A big thank you to Kath for bringing Wendy out to visit us.

This afternoon I’m taking the drone for a flight over Julie and John’s property. I’m still very cautious after the experience in Deloraine when my drone decided to have a mind of it’s own. I haven’t flown terribly high on this flight, however, I’ll get it out again for another flight before we leave.

Tonight we’ve been invited to Leanne and Greg’s for dinner with Dawn and Kerryn. We’re really excited to see everyone again. It’s been non stop conversation from the moment we arrived along with a few drinks too. We’ve had the best catch up, just like old times. Thank you so much Leanne and Greg for having us over, we’ve had a lovely evening. Dinner was delicious and a special mention about the sticky date pudding and caramel sauce – yum! And, I forgot to take a photo!

A very special week arriving closer to home, spending time with Mum, Julie and John and catching up with friends again. We’ve had an awesome week and look forward to another week of family time.

Week 80 total expenses: $517.72 – under budget!



That’s a wrap for life back on the road, we’re almost home!

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