Week 79 | Bowen

Day 547: Bowen

Waking up in Bowen with the beach 100 metres from our caravan, I ask you where else would you want to be? Bowen has really impressed us and we are enjoying being back on the road and holidaying in our beautiful home state of Queensland.

The start of the week means washing and shopping.  I’m also running a day late with my blog. The laptop is out and the budget spreadsheet is finished.  Time now to finish last weeks blog.

This afternoon we have a lovely long walk along the beach. Cinta wanders in and out but she’s not venturing in very far.  Back at the van and Andrew is reading after we’ve been to the camp kitchen and swapped some books.  I’m doing some colouring in.  Life is good!

Wildlife: seagulls, lorikeets, black cockatoos.

Day 548: Bowen

A cold start to our morning today with the temperature plummeting to 9 degrees. It looks like a cold front will be upon us for a few more days. I don’t drag myself out of bed until 9.30am. We’ve filled the thermos and are heading out to Laguna Quays for a drive. I better google to see how far it is… looks like my navigation skills have failed me again as the signage I saw on the way into Bowen was for the Whitsunday Estate not Laguna Quays. We decide to turn around and head back to the foreshore for our morning tea. A quick stop at the Big Mango for a photo on the way back in. There’s a great driftwood installation at the Visitor Information Centre too.

The wind is quite fresh on the foreshore. It’s a lovely spot for morning tea and then we have a walk out on the jetty. On the way home we stop off so that I can photograph an interesting looking fence. It’s got a train track on it! There’s been a lot of work go into this fence!

Back home for a few hours of relaxation. I’m colouring in again and Andrew is reading. An afternoon walk on the beach and then we are heading to the harbour for fish n chips for dinner. No Barramundi or Coral Trout today, there is only Spanish Mackerel left. I am a little disappointed. It was pretty good though and the prawn cutlets where plump and juicy!

Wildlife: Lorikeets, black cockatoos, seagulls.

Day 549 – 551: Bowen

Another fresh start to the day has us waking up to 9 degrees. We don’t have anything planned today apart from reading. It’s a very relaxed day with plenty of chatting to new friends we’ve made in the park.

We walked the beach at low tide today to see if there are any low spots which would be better for fishing later in the week. We picked a spot so we’re keen to try our luck again.

Another day finds me making scones this morning as Cathy and John are coming over for morning tea. It’s 9 degrees again and it’s hard to drag ourselves out of bed. The scones have turned out great and we have a lovely morning with them both.

This afternoon we head out to explore a lovely parkland area; Davidson Park at Mullers Lagoon. Situated on 23ha of picturesque gardens and wetland habitat. There is a playground area and picnic tables and bbq’s. It’s such a lovely area for an outing and there is plenty of bird life around too.

Nine degrees seems to be the common temperature this week. We hope it warms up again soon. The days are so lovely though that it makes the cool nights bearable. We’ve spent most of the day chatting with friends and just relaxing or reading. An afternoon nana nap before John and Kathy come over for farewell drinks. It’s a lovely night, we’ve had so many chats about all of our travels.

Wildlife: swans, ibis, water hens, seagulls, ducks, lorikeets, kookaburras.

Day 552: Bowen

This morning we bid farewell to kindred spirits John and Kathy. We hope we’ll see them again at some point on their journey. We are taking a drive down to Horseshoe Bay for a walk through the park and along the beachfront. The Lions park is lush and green and this is where the markets are held, however, they’re not back on at the moment due to the virus. Lions have a great set up with an undercover bar area and mosaic tables with bench seating which is under shade sails. Such a great idea. I can just imagine the markets on a fantastic sunny day.

We wander onto the beach and the water is crystal clear in the bay. Cinta strolls straight in, the water is really cold! There are a lot of rocks on the beach in this bay however it’s really picturesque. Two trawlers are anchored just offshore.

Back at the park and I decide as the wind has died down today I’ll take the drone for a flight. We head further up the beach where there are no people around and Andrew and Cinta are sitting patiently on the sand while I take off. I’m not in the air long when a Kite comes from nowhere and starts to swoop my drone. Dam it. I am forced to land and he is still swooping low near me. I have a couple of aerial shots but I didn’t manage to get up very high so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Wildlife: Kite, seagulls, lorikeets, kookaburras.

Day 553: Bowen

A lazy start to our Sunday morning before Andrew cooks bacon and eggs for brekky. The park is a hive of activity this morning with lots of nomads departing and heading off to their next destination.

After morning tea we head into town to take photographs of the murals. Bowen has 27 murals depicting the historical aspects of the town. I’m jumping in and out of the car taking happy snaps. Here’s a compilation of what I captured, I hope you enjoy it.

This week has been so relaxing, meeting lots of caravanners, enjoying drinks, fishing, reading and being creative. It’s great to finally feel like I’m on the holiday of a lifetime.

Week 79 total expenses: $620.74 – under budget.



That’s a wrap for life back on the road.

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