Week 75 | Agnes Water to Tannum Sands

Day 519: Agnes Water to Tannum Sands

Queensland in winter. Where else would you want to be? The Reef Caravan Park at Agnes Water has exceeded all our expectations. It was so great to see 93ml of rain fall over the three days we were there.

It’s time to say goodbye to fellow travellers and head for Tannum Sands. We’ve booked into the Discovery Caravan Park as they have a special, stay 7 nights and pay for 5.  It’s a good price at $26 a night for the week. The park sits right across the road from the beach.

We’ve arrived just before lunch and collected our welcome pack from the night safe outside the office. Check in is currently contactless due to COVID-19.  The pack has everything we need to know and before long I’ve got Andrew parked up on our site.

The beach is calling… The walking track across the road takes you in both directions. One kilometre to the right takes you to the boat ramp or head to the left to a beautiful park area which features many art sculptures. There are no dogs allowed in this park so we’ll have to come back another day to explore.  There’s a lovely sunset happening at 5.15pm.

Wildlife: cattle, kookaburras, ibis, kingfisher, kangaroo, peacocks, scrub turkeys, lorikeets, dead kangaroos.

Day 520: Tannum Sands

It’s Board meeting day today. I’m dialling in at 9.30am for my last board meeting.  My contract expires at the end of the month and after many discussions between Andrew and myself I’ve decided not to seek renewal.  It was a tough decision, however there comes a point in time when you feel the time is right and it’s time to move on.  I’ll have one client left to service which will be enough work moving forward. We’re both looking forward to the extra time that we’ll have together to explore many more places.

This afternoon we have another lovely long walk along the beach. Andrew has cooked steak Dianne and roast veggies for dinner while I finish up my work.

Wildlife: ducks, peacocks, scrub turkeys, lorikeets crows, sandflies.

Day 521: Tannum Sands

It’s Andrews birthday today. We’ve had a lazy start to the morning with family calling to wish him a great day. I’m baking him a batch of scones in the turbo oven for morning tea. Wow, they came out terrific. A really crusty top too. We’ve enjoyed our morning tea inside today as it’s a bit windy under the awning.

Most of the day is spent relaxing and having a lovely long walk along the beach. Tonight we are going up to the Truffle Pig for dinner. It’s the first time we have had a night meal out in many many months. Wow. The meal was amazing. Andrew started off with a Mac n Cheese croquette. I did help him eat some of it. I’ve never tasted anything like it, it was damned good! Andrew had his usual parmi and I had a cherry glazed pork belly with the crispiest pork crackle. It came with a sweet potato cake that was so tasty, glazed carrots, wilted kale and snow peas. I couldn’t eat it all. It was a lovely night being able to go out for a meal in a restaurant again.

Wildlife: ducks, peacocks, scrub turkeys, lorikeets crows, sandflies.

Day 522: Tannum Sands

This morning we headed out for a walk on our own along the Millenium Esplanade. It’s a dog free zone. It’s a beautiful walk along the foreshore with immaculate lawns & gardens, timber shelters over the picnic tables, spotless bbq facilities and kids playgrounds. The area has timber artworks and sculptures along the pathways, mosaic staircases and concrete turtles as speed bumps. It is a great asset to Tannum Sands.

We ventured further around and walked up the hill to the lookout. Spectacular views of the tankers coming into the Smelter to fill up with aluminium.  Time for a coffee and a small treat before we head back to the park.  Tannum Sands has a real Hamptons feel about it.

We decided to head into Gladstone for a look around. It’s about 25km from Tannum Sands. To get an idea of the size of Gladstone we ventured up to the Round Hill lookout which offers 360 degree views of the city, the islands off the southern Great Barrier Reef and Gladstone’s industrial areas.  Gladstone is the home of two of the worlds largest alumina refineries.

Wildlife: ducks, peacocks, scrub turkeys, lorikeets crows, sandflies.

Day 523: Tannum Sands

Andrew is up early cleaning the awning. It’s a long overdue job. He was chatting to the new neighbour yesterday who commented on how marked it was! It’s lovely and clean now…  We’ve met their 5 year old daughter Lacey, who just loves Cinta.  She’s inquisitive and always asks; “where have you been?”  She watches the caravans roll in and let’s us know more kids are arriving when she sees the vans with bunk beds onboard.  She’s desperate for kids to play with.

I’ve packed up the flask and heated the scones and we are off to the Canoe Point Environmental Park for morning tea. It’s an overcast windy day so the temperature feels a lot cooler than 22 degrees. The reflections on the lake are just waiting to be photographed. There’s guinea fowls, ducks, water hens and ibis all sunning themselves around the waters edge.

Further on is another picnic area with boardwalks along the beach. The parks and picnic areas are so green and lush and spotlessly clean. Cinta enjoys her walk on the beach. The tide is right out. Gladstone has some big tides up to 4m and they come in quite fast. The tankers are all lined up waiting to come into the smelters. We count 15 of them today.

We cross the bridge to Boyne Island and stop in at the Wild Cattle Creek Boat Ramp.  Another lovely park with river and ocean views and artwork on the amenities block.  Time to head back to the park for another lazy afternoon.

Wildlife: peacocks, lorikeets, ducks, ibis, guinea fowls, scrub turkeys, sandflies.

Day 524: Tannum Sands

Another slow start to the day before spending the morning doing some more cleaning of the van. Andrew is doing all the windows and screens and I’m doing the walls & ceiling in the bedroom area. It’s surprising how quickly everything gets so dirty when you are on the road.

Lacey visits for more pats. It’s 9.30am and she says she’s hungry as she hasn’t had breakfast yet. Poor kid. We are hesitant to offer her something though. You just don’t know how her parents might feel. Off she goes again.

A late morning tea for us and then we are going down to the Boyne River for a long walk. The weather is picture perfect. Blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Boats are moored in the river and tinnies are darting in and out pulling up to fish.

Everyone we pass seem very friendly.  An elederly gentleman on his motorised scooter stops for a chat. We have a really long walk. Cinta is exhausted.   We are really impressed with the Boyne Tannum Turtleway Artscape, it runs along both sides of the Boyne River.  It is a community project installing public artworks such as mosaics, sculptures and other functioning art for all to enjoy.

Back at the park for a relaxing afternoon before we head into Gladstone for the sunset.

At 4.00pm we take a drive into Gladstone and look for a Thai Restaurant.  We are pretty keen to have a Thai Take-away for dinner after the sunset.  We drive out to Barney Point Beach, it’s the only swimming beach in Gladstone and has a lovely park area with bbq’s.  It is a dog free zone too.  The sunset at Round Hill is a little disappointing as drizzly rain is coming in all directions.  There’s a little glow of orange and yellow coming through so I managed to get a couple of photos.

Our Thai Take-away is ordered and we head back down to Barney Point Beach to enjoy it.  This is the closest thai that we have had to Jacqui’s thai food back at Mission Beach.  It was damned delicious.

Wildlife: peacocks, scrub hens, crows, lorikeets, sandflies.

Day 525: Tannum Sands

Our last day in Tannum Sands.  This week has really flown by.  It’s been really great to spend a week here.  We  have absolutely loved it, apart from the sandflies.  Just like home we’ve had coils burning and spraying ourselves with repellant.  But that is the price you pay for being right beside the beach.  The positives outweigh the negatives and we always like to look on the positive side of things.

I received a lovely photo from my sister Julie this week.  During lockdown Mum turned 90.  There was a party planned.  We were planning to be back in Townsville to help her celebrate. Of course it had to be cancelled and Mum’s 90th was celebrated in a much smaller way with the allowed 10 friends or family.  We felt really sad that we weren’t able to be there to share her special day.  We are thankful for technology though and being able to FaceTime her.  I spent a couple of weeks during lockdown making a book for her birthday.  Photos of family and friends who have become family and special friends are all within the book.  It was late arriving due to the virus, but this week Mum received the book.  She cried.  Happy 90th Birthday Mum. We love you and can’t wait to see you late next month.

Wildlife: peacocks, lorikeets, crows, scrub turkeys, sandflies.

Week 75 total expenses: $648.83 under budget.



That’s a wrap for life back on the road.

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