Week 63 | Brisbane

Day 435 – 441 Brisbane

Life as we know it is changing every hour of every day as our country navigates through Coronavirus.  This week we are working on keeping ourselves occupied as we become accustomed to spending more time at home.  Each day is spent with time allocated for work and time allocated for pleasure.

We’re continuing to play darts and walk Cinta at least twice a day.

We took a drive to Ferny Grove and couldn’t believe the changes in the surrounding suburbs over the past 17 years since we called Brisbane home. We always say we should never go back and look at previous properties we owned, however our property at Dornoch Crescent was the first home that Andrew and I bought together. It was my dream house. We put so much time into the garden and it was a shame today to see the condition that it is now in. I couldn’t get a photo as there were people in the front yard.

We couldn’t take a trip down memory lane without driving past Bickles. On 4th October 2003 we were married there, had our reception and spent our wedding night in the luxurious French Provincial guest house. It is now known as Topiaries and is an exclusive wedding venue.


Whilst the gates were locked, it still looked beautiful and bought back so many wonderful memories of an amazing day.  Pictured above is Mum walking me out to the gazebo and Andrew and I signing our marriage certificate. Red is one of my favourite colours.  It’s such an emotionally intense colour symbolising desire, passion and love.

With all the restrictions coming into force Andrew’s family has made a decision to no longer visit the house to keep everyone safe.  Scott and Leslie are face timing so that Seth and Heath can still see their grandad and keep the communication lines open.  Julie, Nicole and Kev came for one last roast dinner and we hope that we may all be able to see each other before we eventually leave.

We also took Dave for a drive out to Redcliffe to have fish and chips by the beach.  We practiced our social distancing while ordering the take away.  There was no one else in the cafe anyway and we sat down at the closed lagoon on our own.  It was lovely to be able to have a drive and see the ocean again.

I am feeling the need to be creative again.  My suitcase full of art materials has come out and I am all set up outside on the patio. The biggest challenge is finding something to paint.  I have so many beautiful photos and as I’m an Arian, it’s a very difficult decision!

We’ve signed Dave up for online shopping and will give that a go to see how it all works.  That will be one less place to go for essential shopping.  This week and the coming weeks blog may be quite short given the new restrictions on life as we know it. Until next time, stay safe and healthy and keep smiling.  We’ve got this!

Let me know what you’re doing to keep yourself occupied…

Week 63 total expenses: $458.63 under budget.



That’s a wrap for Week 63 of the Lap of the Map.

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