Week 62 | Goondiwindi to Brisbane

Day 428: Goondiwindi to Marburg

Queensland. The State that we call home and are more than happy to #holidayherethisyear.  I ask you “where else would you want to be!” After travelling over 37,000km the feeling as we drove across the border was quite overwhelming. With so much uncertainty around travel restrictions it’s a relief to be back home in our beautiful State.

We’re moving closer to Brisbane and looking forward to catching up with all of Andrew’s family and hopefully some of our friends.

Travelling 291km today and still getting used to the changed time zone again we are departing by 8.00am and it’s 19 degrees. The warmer weather is certainly welcome after a year of cold climates.

The landscape is lush after all the rain and there is water alongside the road, something we haven’t been used to seeing. The rivers are all full but the water is a rusty brownish colour. Travelling through Toowoomba bring backs memories of when I lived there 40 years ago. How that makes me feel old. We are staying at the Marburg Showgrounds tonight and have power and water for $18. A great low cost camp for travellers. After we set up we have a quick walk around the block and then it’s work time for me. Andrew is checking the map for tomorrow’s drive into the city.

No lovely sunset tonight just fighter jets in the sky. Memories of being near a RAAF base!  Above and below are few photos of around the Marburg township.

Wildlife: dead kangaroos, rabbits.

Day 429: Marburg to Brisbane

There is no rush to pack up and get on the road today as we’re only travelling 67km into Brisbane. At 9.09am when we leave it’s 24 degrees. Andrew is confident he knows the way as we lived in Brisbane for quite a few years and within no time we are pulling up at Dave’s place.

Dave returns home from shopping only minutes after we have arrived.  It’s so great to see him again as it’s been a couple of years since he last visited us in Mission Beach. Cinta has made herself at home and after a cuppa Andrew reverses the van into place in the front yard.


After lunch I catch up on some work and then we take Cinta out for a walk. Some of the family are coming over for dinner tonight and Dave is cooking up a chicken & leek potato bake. It was delicious. An early night for us after a lovely day and evening.

Day 430:  Brisbane

An early start to another beautiful day in the sunshine state. We are heading off to the shops to pick up some supplies. We’re in luck and manage to get our chemist & health food shop items. The supermarket is well stocked except for toilet paper, tissues, sanitizer and pasta. There is none. We are lucky that we don’t need any of these items at the moment anyway. We manage to get everything else on our list.

As we entered the shops Andrew said “I wonder if we will see anyone that we know”. You wouldn’t believe it. I recognised a woman further down the aisle. Gail was one of my staff members in 1998 when I was the Branch Coordinator at Northern Permanent Building Society Brookside branch; now known as Bendigo Bank. We automatically embraced and then stepped back from each other and said “we shouldn’t have done that”. It was a stark reality for us both of the implications of the Coronavirus. We chatted for awhile and swapped contact details. It was so great to see Gail after all these years.

Next stop is the fruit shop and then the butcher. The butcher is extremely busy but again we manage to get everything that we need.  I’ve got a small amount of work to do then the rest of the day is spent relaxing. A lovely afternoon walk with Dave and an early dinner. Another day is coming to a close.

Day 431: Brisbane

Another beautiful day in Brisbane today. Andrew is busy giving the car a really good vacuum and wash and I’ve decided it’s time to pack all the winter clothes away and get the summer clothes back out. What a great feeling.

There’s more work to be done, another afternoon walk, time to relax and early dinner.

Day 432: Brisbane

Andrew is up early again, I’m managing to sleep in until 6.30 or 7.00am. This morning he’s washing the caravan, something that has not been done in many months. The car and van are both looking lovely and clean now. The next few days will be spent giving the van a thorough clean inside as well.

This morning we are heading to the bank for some work business. We attend the Strathpine branch of the Bendigo Bank. The teller offers me her pen to sign the paperwork and I politely decline and use my own pen. It was lovely of her to thank me for considering her health and safety. Every little bit helps in this worrying time.

We have a lot of friends in Brisbane and we had fully intended to catch up with a lot of them during our stay. We’re seriously reconsidering this at the moment as we would never forgive ourselves if we bought the Coronavirus into Dave’s house or into anyone elses home. In having said that we still need to go to the shops for supplies and are putting ourselves at risk doing these every day chores each time we leave the house. These are such unsettling times.

We are also considering how long to stay. Is it safer to stay put or is it safer to move on into country towns where there is less contact with people and more wide open spaces to camp. Supplies could be harder to come by in country townships. I guess as the coming days unfold the decision could be taken out of our hands.

Day 433: Brisbane

Andrew and Dave are fixing the small fold out bench on the side of the caravan today. Andrew did a temporary fix with some fishing line when we were in Perth last year but we have been hesitant in using it in case it broke again. It’s now fixed with some heavy duty twine and as Andrew says “Happy wife, happy life”.

While the men are working I’m doing some cleaning inside the van. We’ve had a few very tiny black ants find there way in somewhere even with the baby powder around the legs. I’ve sprayed inside and Andrew has used Dave’s ant spray to spray all around the tyres and legs as well so let’s hope we don’t get any more inside. The air conditioner is now lovely and clean and the pantry cupboard and one other cupboard has been cleaned as well. I’ve also cleaned a section of the ceiling and the wall that backs onto the shower. Over the coming days we’ll continue to get the van completely cleaned. The dust gets into every nook and cranny and it’s almost impossible to keep it really clean while you are travelling.

This afternoon Andrew & I are having a few games of pool. He beats me 3 games to nil. Next up is darts. I used to play competition darts 40 years ago. Now I am feeling very old with that statement! I actually beat him 2 games to 1. I’m sure we’ll have many more games of both before we leave.

Cinta is enjoying the freedom of roaming around off her lead and barking at the pigeons that fly into the house next door.

Day 434: Brisbane

Today we’re heading out to visit a very good friend from school days back in Cairns. Glennis went to school with my sister Julie and we have all kept in touch over the years since then. We decided on the phone that we would have a virtual hug and kiss on arrival and keep our distance. It was so weird.  We had a lovely morning with Glennis, it was so good to see her again.  Through your lifetime you meet many acquaintances, however, only a handful will become friends forever.  Glennis is one of those “friends forever”.


We are both pictured above practising our social distancing.

The news tonight about the virus is becoming increasingly worrying.  Sometimes we have to turn the TV off as it gets too much to comprehend.  It is becoming more obvious that our plans will no doubt be impacted by what is happening around us.  We are extremely thankful to be here with Dave to spend time with him and to help out where ever is needed.

To everyone following along with our journey we wish you all good health.  We are all in this together.  Breathe, smile and be kind to one another. Until next week.

Week 62 total expenses: $494.26 – a good result and well under budget.



That’s a wrap for Week 62 of the Lap of the Map.

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