Week 58 | New Norfolk to Deloraine

Day 400: New Norfolk to Ross

Welcome to summer! It’s 5 degrees when I wake up at 7.30am. I’m so pleased that Andrew was up early walking Cinta & came back and turned the heater on. Yep, you heard that right. By 9.30am when we are ready to hit the road it’s warmed up to 7 degrees. The rest of the week is not looking much better either.

Our journey today is 115km which takes us to the pretty riverside village of Ross, Built by convict labour in the 1800’s and home to Australia’s third oldest bridge. The caravan park is right on the river banks and overlooks the bridge. It’s a small park with room for about 20 vans on powered sites and a smaller area allocated for unpowered sites.  The office is unattended so I phone the number and am greeted by Ken, well I thought that was his name when he answered.

After we finish booking in he says; by the way I’m James. We have a bit of a giggle and he calls me Marsha! The sites have plenty of room and we get ourselves set up and then head over to the bridge for some photos. The sun is just in the right spot for some lovely reflection shots. A block away is the small township which we wander along reminiscing of our visit years ago.  One of the churches is perched high on the hill and the timber work and stained glass inside are just amazing.  The beautiful organ inside reminded me of my Aunty Claire who lives in Cairns and often plays the organ at her local church.

Back at the van and it’s time to do some work to prep for my board meeting in the morning.

Wildlife: ducks, swans, rabbits, chickens, alpaca, sheep, horses, geese.

Day 401: Ross

A slow start this morning before calling in for my board meeting. Andrew has walked into the village and bought a French vanilla slice for morning tea. It’s a definite 10/10 from us both. The pastry was so fresh and flaky and the French vanilla rich and creamy. Yum. The rest of the day is spent working.

Tonight we’re heading over to the Man O Ross pub for dinner. I can’t go past the baked Atlantic salmon & Andrew has his chicken parmigiana. The pub has recently been leased and the new owners certainly have one key lesson to learn and that is to have enough staff to serve the customers. We felt so sorry for the lady at the bar who had to look after the public bar, the bottle shop and the restaurant. She was run off her feet. There were obviously plenty of staff in the kitchen as the meals came out relatively quickly. Overall dinner was lovely and the small restaurant was packed with travellers.

After the sun has finally set we take Cinta for a wander over to the bridge to see it under lights. It is beautiful all lit up. More photos.

Wildlife: ducks, rabbits.

Day 402:  Ross

It’s 7 degrees when we wake up and we’re in for a cold, wet day with a maximum of 13 expected. We’re going back to Ross Bakery for morning tea and another french vanilla slice! There is not a lot of room in the bakery and it is jam packed with people. The cappuccino is pretty good too. Andrew heads back to the van and I have a wander around the local shops. Back at the van and the heater is on and the afternoon is spent inside away from the cold and drizzly weather.

Day 403:  Ross to Deloraine

Time to move on after spending an extra day at Ross. It was so pretty by the river, shame about yesterday’s weather! We’re travelling 110km to Deloraine and it’s 14 deg at 9.40am when we depart. Most of the journey is on the A1 Highway and it’s good to have a decent Highway that’s not so windy and hilly to travel on. We’ve decided to stay for a week at the Deloraine Apex Caravan Park which is right on the riverfront. They do a stay 7 pay for 6 deal which is great. After we set up we take a long walk along the river. It’s so pretty and so peaceful. Ducks, geese and water hens everywhere.

The afternoon is spent sitting out in the sun chatting to our neighbours who just happen to have been our neighbours from Ross. We didn’t meet them at Ross as they came in late and left before us. They were teachers at Tewantin and we spent quite a lot of time chatting with them.

Wildlife: cockatoo, sheep, geese, ducks, platypus, water hens, plovers, rabbits.

Day 404:  Deloraine

We are in for a cold week ahead with night time minimums under double digits. Thanks heavens we are not free camping.  This morning we’re taking a drive out to Chudleigh and Mole Creek. It’s reached 13 degrees at 10.20am. Chudleigh is the village of roses which adorn the main street. We wanted to check out the free camp at the Showgrounds for when we leave Deloraine next week. Camping is by donation of $5 which goes towards maintaining the rose gardens. It looks like a good spot. We enjoyed a cappuccino at the general store while meeting the new owner. Further on is Mole Creek, another small village. We’ll visit again next week to explore further.

Back at the van it’s time to catch up on some work. Andrew has been watching the river and spotted the platypus again. He forages around for about 4 hours this afternoon travelling up and down the river. It so great to see them in the wild. I’ve tried and tried to photograph him but it’s really difficult to get a good shot. The photo above is about the best of all of them.  Another lovely long walk along the river this afternoon and sunset tonight is the best we have seen in awhile. While I’m photographing it, Andrew notices another 3 platypus in the shallows further up the river. It’s far too dark to try to get any photos of them.


Wildlife: ducks, water hens, geese, rooster, rabbits, platypus.

Day 405: Deloraine

It’s 6 degrees when I wake up at 7.30am. The heater is on again. A very slow start to the day before getting organised to go into town to do the shopping. Morning tea is at the Empire Hotel cafe and while there we notice they have a buffet on Sunday night and it’s Thai. We haven’t had much Thai food on this trip so we’ve booked in for tomorrow night and we both can’t wait!

Back at the van and more work for me today. Andrew is outside with Cinta and an irresponsible dog owner (dog off a lead walking in a caravan park) has come onto our site and of course Cinta has gone off at it. The stupid owner is saying “why didn’t you come when I called you”. It obviously doesn’t do as it’s told. This has to be my pet hate of caravanning. I couldn’t help but have something to say from inside the van! Whinge over.

More work, another long walk admiring all the local wildlife and a couple of drinks before a late night watching a repeat of the concert that was raising money for the victims and volunteers of the recent fires.

Day 406:  Deloraine

Today’s maximum is going to be 24. I’ve decided to take the drone for a flight.  All was going well until my drone went rogue and took off across the river and started spinning in circles.  Talk about panic, I thought it was going to land in the river. I got such a fright. Andrew’s letting me know it’s over the water and I’m yelling out it’s gone rogue I can’t control it, then all of a sudden it’s back under control. My heart was racing as I bought it down to the ground. I’d charged the spare battery to have a second flight but there was no way that I was flying it again.

Back across the bridge and back at the van, I’m keen to see the footage of the rogue flight. It was scarey watching the footage of it spinning out of control. I’m going to have to consult google or the forums to see what may have caused that to happen.  Here’s a short video of my flight before it went rogue.


The rest of the day is spent working and then we head up to the Empire Hotel for dinner. The timber work in the pub is beautiful, there is a band playing in the lane way and we enjoy a couple of drinks at the bar before the Thai Buffet dinner. It was nice, but we can’t help but reminisce over our favourite Thai restaurant back at Mission Beach; Spicy Thai.

That’s it for this week, it’s been so relaxing at both Ross and Deloraine.  We’ve had quite a few different neighbours over the week and it’s been great meeting new people.  So many Queenslanders are travelling around Tasmania at the moment escaping the heat.  Next week is a very busy work week for me so there won’t be a lot of exploring. Sitting with my laptop by the rivers edge does make it seem all worthwhile.  We only have 9 sleeps left until we return to the mainland.  I’m getting excited as we’ll head straight for Ararat to celebrate my sister’s grandsons 21st birthday and I can’t wait to see the family again.

Wildlife: ducks, geese, water hens, plovers.

Week 58 total expenses: $630.91 pleased to see the expenses down a few hundred dollars after the past couple of weeks.  Next week will be expensive with a new set of caravan tyres though.



That’s a wrap for Week 58 of the Lap of the Map.

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