Week 57: Dunalley to New Norfolk

Day 393:  Dunalley to New Norfolk

Another week begins and it finds us heading to New Norfolk. We’re unsure how many days we’ll stay as it’s quite central to Hobart and Mona. We’re staying at the New Norfolk Caravan Park which sits on the Derwent River. We spent a night here a few weeks ago and loved the location. We didn’t explore the township last time as it was wet and windy.

Our journey today was 88km and it’s overcast when we arrive. We’ve got a lovely corner site overlooking the river. The park does a stay 7 pay for 6 deal so we decide to spend the week. It’s time to do the groceries and stock up on food again and then take Cinta for a walk along the river bank. We pass a mother duck with her 7 little chicks by the waters edge, she’s herding them altogether as we walk by.

Time to catch up on some work before getting dinner organised and settling  in for the night.

Wildlife: ducks, dead pademelons, dead wombat, sheep, donkeys, deer, emu, chickens, roosters, Shetland ponies, horses,

Day 394:  Glenorchy

We all slept in this morning. Cinta and Andrew didn’t wake up until 7.30am. Very unusual for both of them. Must be the warmer weather. I slept in till 8.30am. It’s great to no longer have to get up and go to work. After a lazy breakfast we get ourselves organised and take a drive into Glenorchy to do some more shopping.

Back at the park and we take Cinta for another long walk along the river. So many photo opportunities of the beautiful reflections in the water. The duck is in the water teaching her chicks to swim. There is only 4 chicks today, how sad.

Back at the van the afternoon is spent outside, it’s reached 26 degrees. We are really enjoying the warmth of the day. Late afternoon we take another walk up to the cliff face. Steps. Oh no, I wonder how many. Up we go and I’m counting. 100 steps sees us at the top and the view of the river is breathtaking. More photos.

Wildlife: swans, pelicans, ducks, seagulls.

Day 395: Mona

I‘ve been waiting to have a day to myself to explore Mona. Andrew isn’t into art so he’s not going to join me today. To be totally honest I think he would be bored and I don’t want to be rushed while viewing the artworks. He and Cinta can have some quality time alone.

Mona is only 26km away from the park and as I’m driving through the vineyard I start to comprehend the magnificence of the architecture of the buildings and surrounds. I arrive not long after opening time of 10.00am and already the first car park is full so I head back to Car Park 2 and score a park. The walk in is a gradual incline past the vineyard and over a tennis court. My ticket is $27 (seniors discount).

On entry they advise you to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. I decide to take a brochure & sit down and have a coffee to look at the map. Maps are certainly not my thing! Oh well, good luck and here goes. I take the spiral staircase all the way to the bottom and collect my O Device and headset. At first it’s a bit confusing understanding how it works but then I get the hang of it and I’m off. The O Device tracks your location and as you move through the exhibits you can tap the screen and obtain the information about the artwork or listen to interviews with the artists. It’s all quite high tech. If you’re not tech savvy I can see how it would be confusing.

I love the tunnels that lead into each art space, some are filled with music or sounds and the lighting is amazing.  The second photo above is “Tim” he was a former tatoo-parlour manager from Zurich.  At first I thought it was a sculpture, but Tim is a real life work of art.  Since 2011, Tim has sat at Mona for over 3,500 hours.  That’s dedication to art!

The third photo is titled “Cloaca Professional”.  The artwork mimics the workings of the human digestive system and is fed at 11am and poops at 2pm.  Art? A very interesting question.   Mona is engaging, confronting and controversial and well worth visiting. The architecture is breathtaking.

Wildlife: ducks, seagulls, swans.

Day 396: 13/02 Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

We’re heading off today to visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart. A short drive of 33km gets us there in no time. We are met by a lovely volunteer who provides us with a map and quick overview of the layout.  I didn’t realise that the community garden here is the one that is featured on ABC’s Gardening Australia and this vegie garden supplies local Charities.

I love the Japanese Garden, it celebrates Hobart’s sister city relationship with Yaizu in Japan and formal Japanese garden art. It is so peaceful wandering past the waterfalls.  The Rose Arbour and Friends Mixed Border was another favourite with climbing roses and a myriad of colour along the brick wall. We saw quite a few bandicoots foraging in the garden.

We spent quite a bit of time at the Lilly pond as the reflections of the white timber bridge were just so eye catching against all the beautiful Lilly pads. The decks are designed as timber Lilly pads overlooking the pond. We met a lovely American couple from LA who were on a cruise which had stopped in at Hobart for the day. We had a long chat with them, they were full of questions about Australia and absolutely intrigued about the journey we are on.

While chatting a little duckling came wandering over the deck with mother quacking madly at it. It was so funny as it was like a naughty child on the loose and having so much fun! I couldn’t help myself snapping away at the mischievous duckling.

We had a late Devonshire tea in the Succulent Restaurant overlooking the floral clock. Served on a wooden paddle-board the scones were lightly dusted with icing sugar and the raspberry jam was so delicious. One of our more expensive morning teas but oh so worth it.

The gardens are spread over 14 hectares and are Australia’s second oldest Botanic Gardens. In 2018 they celebrated their Bicentennial milestone.  We had a fabulous day wandering the gardens and highly recommend it to any gardening enthusiast or anyone who just loves to walk through amazing gardens and parklands. And, it’s absolutely free, but don’t forget to make a donation.  Grab a cuppa, sit back and watch the video I’ve created with my amazing photos of the gardens.

Wildlife: geese, Shetland pony, horses, sheep, swans, seagulls, bandicoot, ducks.

Day 397: Salmon Ponds

Happy Valentines Day!  What better way to spend the day than with someone you love. We have a bit of shopping to do and some printing at the library and then we’re taking a short drive out to the Salmon Ponds. They are actually Australia’s oldest trout hatchery supplying annually over a million trout to Tasmania’s lakes, rivers and dams. Salmon were initially released however being migratory fish, didn’t establish themselves and Trout which are generally non migratory quickly became established. Eggs are collected from wild trout, hatched and raised until they are fingerling size and then released.

The gardens are a rare example of 19th century English style public open space and some of the trees are over 150 years old.  It was quite difficult to photograph the trout in the ponds so I don’t have many good photos. The garden however was lush, green and lovely to wander around.

Wildlife: trout, dead possums, dead pademelons, swans, seagulls, ducks.

Day 398 – 399: New Norfolk

The weekend is upon us again and it’s time to start looking at where we will head off to next week.  I’ve got a board meeting on Tuesday, so we need to be somewhere where I have good phone reception.  We’ve decided to head up to Ross for a few days and have booked the local caravan park there.

It’s not often I get a cleaning bug and this morning I’m itching to get rid of some dust!  Most of the day is spent cleaning in the van, you’d be surprised where the dust actually gets to.  It’s a never ending job and having Cinta on board creates a whole new level with plenty of dog hair around too.

There are some beautiful reflections on the river again today and a wander along the banks is always a great distraction.

Sunday; shopping, budget, blog and washing.  The day is almost done and the weekend is coming to a close.  We’ve really loved our time at New Norfolk, so many walks along the river and I even tried the exercise equipment each time!  There were only 3 ducklings today…

That’s it for this week, it’s been very relaxing with a lighter work load…

Week 57 total expenses: $957.69 it’s up there, but still under budget.



That’s a wrap for Week 57 of the Lap of the Map.

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