Week 48 | Tamar Valley to Ulverstone

Day 330: Tamar Valley

This morning we are waking up to a heavy smoke haze. Our high is expected to be 21 with very little wind. A quick check to see what work has come in and then a decision can be made about the day ahead. I’ve got about 2 hours work to get through and then we can head out for a drive.

Andrew is in charge of finding where to venture out to while I tap away on my laptop. We’re heading out to Grevelly Beach. The drive out runs along the Tamar River and it’s disappointing that the smoke haze is so thick as the scenery is very pretty. It’s not worth taking any photos today.

Back at home we spend the afternoon playing billiards. Andrew is ahead on the leader board after two days of playing. I blame my eyesight for not being able to judge my angles correctly when lining up my shots.  Any excuse will do!

The remainder of the afternoon is spent finishing of the blog and saving my photos. Andrew is cooking me steak dianne and roast veggies. Yum, can’t wait for dinner!  Sunset is after 8.30pm tonight and there is a spectacular range of colours from burnt orange to pink and purple hues, it’s absolutely beautiful.  We all wander around the paddocks while I take some great shots.

Wildlife: cows, horses, swans, pelicans, echidnas, alpaca, llamas, sheep, chickens.

Day 331: Tamar Valley

This morning I’m calling in for the monthly board meeting. Today will be all about work again. I’m fortunate to be able to work on the road to help support our passion for travelling.

This afternoon we take a short break to drive into Legana to do our groceries and then I’m having a haircut.  Back home and back to work.  I have to say it’s the worst hair cut I’ve had in a long time…

Andrew has cleaned the car today and is in charge of the washing and dinner. I’m so lucky to have a husband who is prepared to share the household duties.  Below are some of the flowers blooming in the garden on the property.

Wildlife: echidna, dead pademelons, horses, sheep, cattle, llamas, alpacas, plovers.

Day 332: Cataract Gorge

Today we are heading into Cataract Gorge. It’s 15 degrees at 9.30am. We drive up to the chairlift car park and take the loop walk to the restaurant. The sun is quite warm, however the wind is quite cool. Along the pathway are several male peacocks. One is putting on a brilliant display, trying to attract the attention of a female foraging around under the tree ferns.  We stop and watch him for quite sometime while I get some great photos.  

Morning tea is out on the balcony at the restaurant overlooking the grassed lawn and pool area below. It’s quite a disappointing morning tea, chewy scones and luke warm coffee. We continue on the track and head across the suspension bridge. The signs says not to make the bridge swing, however some idiot behind is making it swing. My pace picks up as I am not keen to keep walking along it. Taking any photos was impossible.

Back at home and Andrew and I have another couple of games of billiards. He wins again. Later in the afternoon we hear one of the gates and notice Pepsi is standing there kicking it. We’ve been giving the horses a carrot each afternoon and he’s obviously telling us it’s time we came out and delivered the goods. He’s a big boy with a real personality.

Wildlife: horses, sheep, cattle, dead pademelons, llama, crows, rabbits, dead pademelons.

Day 333: Hillwood Farm Gate

This morning we’re heading out to the Hillwood Farm Gate. It’s a pleasant 16 degrees at 9.30am. The drive takes us over the Batman Bridge and along the East side of the Tamar River.  It’s a beautiful drive along the river. The berry farm is situated on 37 hectares and the first strawberries were planted in 2010.  There are currently 17 hectares of strawberries, 12 hectares of raspberries, 5 hectares of blackberries and 2.5 hectares of blueberries.

There is an amazing farm cafe on the premises and the strawberries are the biggest and I mean the biggest we have ever seen.  It’s berry heaven and time to taste some of those delicious treats.  Andrew has the berry pancakes, smothered in strawberries and berry coulis and I opt for the pavlova with fresh berries and cream.  The cappucinos were yummy too with lashings of froth – just the way I like it.

I couldn’t help myself and had to get Andrew to stop so I could photograph these trees.  The countryside is so beautiful even though it is slowly drying out due to the lack of rain.

Wildlife: echidna, horses, cattle, sheep, llamas, alpacas, swans, ducks, dead pademelons, rabbits.

Day 334 – 335: Tamar Valley

After a full day of work I need a break.  We’re heading down to the library to do some printing, post office and then a wander around the park opposite the Beaconsfield Mine.  We visited and toured the mine when we were in Tassie a few years ago, so we aren’t going in again this time.

Across the road in the park is a plaque dedicated to Richard Carleton who lost his life after conducting an interview at the mine site in 2006.  We paid our respects to a great journalist.  On the site is also a couple of buildings from Sidmouth and Flower Gully.  Peering through the windows of the old school house bought back fond memories for both of us of our childhood days in school writing on slate boards.

Last night our owners returned after their trip to Singapore and Thailand.  We had a great catch up over a bottle of wine and plenty of chatter.  This morning we’re stocking up the van ready for the next leg of our journey.

Tomorrow we’ll head over to Gawler to meet the owners of the next property sit that we’ll begin just before Christmas.  It really doesn’t feel like Christmas for us this year with no preparations needed and no family around.  It will be the very first Christmas that Andrew and I have both had together and on our own away from family and friends. It’s bringing mixed emotions for me in the lead up to the day.

Every day Cinta checks out the wood pile because she knows there’s a family of bunnies living in the pile.  After sniffing the wood pile she heads for the big shed and sniffs all around the perimeter.  She can hear the bunnies running between the walls.  It drives her crazy, she runs backwards and forwards hoping that one will pop it’s head out and she can head for the chase.

Wildlife: horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dead pademelons, rabbits, crows, echidnas.

Day 336: Tamar Valley to Ulverstone

Time to say goodbye to Carol and Rod, it’s been really great spending time in the Tamar Valley and exploring everything around the area.  We are on the road by 10.00am and it’s a drizzly, cold 13 degrees.  We are heading to Gawler to meet our next house sit owners before we move in on the 22nd.  For the first few days we’ll park the van at Chevonne’s mums house and look after her dog while commuting up to Chevonne’s to feed her 2 dogs and bird and then we’ll move over and stay at Chevonne’s for the remaining time.

After the meet and greet is over we head a short distance away to Ulverstone.  We’re staying at the Blue Wren RV Park.  It’s a small park with a cafe and we are met by the owner Ross.  He’s very helpful and full of knowledge about the area.  Happy hour is at 4.00pm in the Protea Bar around the fire pit.

We get ourselves set up and have a wander around the gardens.  Ross and Peta purchased the property 12 months ago and are doing some major upgrades.  They’ll be putting in an amenities block as soon as Council gives them the stamp of approval.

The gardens are lovely with protea growing everywhere and the view over the beachfront is very picturesque.  We have a great couple of hours around the fire pit with all the campers before heading back to organise dinner.  The temperature is dropping pretty quickly, so it’s not long before we are tucked up for the night watching tv.

Tomorrow we’ll head over to the wild west coast and gradually make our way back to Gawler by the weekend.  Stay tuned to see what we get up to during the week.

Wildlife: horses, alpacas, sheep, cattle, swans, eagle, dead pademelons.

Week 48 total expenses: $481.11 another good result and well under budget!



That’s a wrap for Week 48 of the Lap of the Map.

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