Week 47 | Lower Beulah to Tamar Valley

Day 323: Lower Beulah

We’re waking up to 8 degrees and expecting a high of 11 today. The sun is shining and it’s hard to believe that the temperature is going to be so low for the day. We’re taking a quick trip into Deloraine to pick up some groceries before we head off to our next house sit. Morning tea is at the Deloraine Town Cafe and Bakery. Andrew has a French vanilla slice & I choose the cherry ripe slice. It’s actually a bit rich for me given we’ve been trying to eat a lot healthier over the past month.

While we’re in town we have a short walk along the river and I can’t help stop at the Mountain Man/Man Mountain mosaic seat to have my photo taken on his luscious lips. The seat sculpture was installed in 2002 & mythologises the landscape and people of the Great Western Tiers. Further along the river is a constellation of 6 spheres, I thought they were cricket balls from a distance. The cluster of objects emphasises the interconnectedness of life and the sphere echoes the community energy of Deloraine. Text is etched into the stainless steel bands referencing historical counts of the district.

Back at home I set up my laptop for an afternoon of work. Our owners are home mid afternoon and we share a cuppa inside beside the warm fire.  An early night in store for us before we pack up and depart in the morning.

Wildlife: sheep, echidna, llama, cattle, fairy wren, water hens, horses, Shetland ponies, ducks, chickens, swans.

Day 324 – 326: Lower Beulah to Tamar Valley

We are packed up and ready to leave by 9.30am after a cold night dropping to 6 degrees.  Time to say goodbye to the owners and head across to the Tamar Valley to our new house sit.  We’re expecting a top of 14 degrees today, so it’s going to be a very fresh day. The property is right on the highway, however the house and sheds are set back from the road.  We’re on 16 acres surrounded by paddocks with 2 small dams.  We have parked up beside the shed and managed to find a level spot.  The winds have picked up to 48km.  We are stuck inside the van with all the windows closed.

This week is all about work.  I’ve got a lot on, so venturing out is going to have to be in between jobs.  This morning we head down to Beaconsfield to do some shopping at the local IGA.  Such a small township and they have two IGA’s.   Morning tea is at the local bakery where Andrew tries another vanilla slice (he rates it at 8) and I have an apple slice.  Not bad – no photo today.  Back home and back to work.  This afternoon Andrew notices that Noah has torn his coat and it’s wrapped around the back of his legs.  A quick text to a friend of Carol’s and she’s asked if we are able to get the coat off.  Now that’s a challenge!  We get 2 portions of hay and 4 pieces of licorice.  I head to the top end of the paddock to coax Pepsi and Andrew heads to the bottom end of the paddock to coax Noah to get his coat off.  Mission completed without any drama and we are both happy with ourselves.

Wildlife: sheep, ducks, chickens, fairy wrens, horses, seagulls, galahs.

Day 327: Launceston

This morning we’re heading into Launceston to find the Bendigo Bank.  I’ve got some business to attend to for one of my clients.  It’s a great opportunity to have a look around the shops.  Andrew needs some new jeans as he’s lost about 11kg since we started our journey and his pants are literally falling off him.  How I wish the weight would fall off me like it falls off him…  Back at home and back to work.  Winds are up in the high 40’s again, another afternoon in the van.  It’s much warmer in the van than in the house.

Wildlife: horses, swans, duck, dead pademelons.

Day 328: Tamar Valley

We have been going stir crazy in the van all week with the cold and the wind.  I need a day off work too.  I’m feeling quite brain dead.  Mum has asked if I could look for her lavender pillow and linen spray during our travels.  It turns out the Lavender Farm that my sister Dot had purchased it from for Mum a few years back is only a short drive away from our house sit.

We decide to take a drive out to pick some up for Mum.  It’s a lovely drive through the valley along the side of the Tamar River.  There’s apples growing in the orchards, small crops and plenty of paddock full of fresh cut hay.  It’s very picturesque.  We arrive at the Lavender Farm and Perfumery.  We’re the only ones there and we are greeted by the owner who is busy packaging up lavender balms.  He tells us how he bought the business 18 months ago and is completely revitalising the garden.  I mention my sister had emailed about the pillow spray and he remembers straight away.  We end up buying 6 bottles and get a 20% discount.  Both Mum and I are happy with that deal.

Next stop is the Iron Pot Winery which is just around the corner.  It’s cold and windy so we decide to opt for morning tea rather than wine tasting.  The staff are really friendly and as we are the only ones there we can sit wherever we like.  There are quite a few rooms to choose from which are covered in artworks from a local artist.  We both have a chocolate orange brownie with a quenelle of thick cream.  It is absolutely delicious and we both savour every mouthful.

On the way back we decide to drive further north in the Tamar Valley and head for Clarence Point.  The drive takes us along the Tamar River, it’s so pretty.  Driving into Clarence Point there is a memorial drive and monument, it’s a fitting tribute to the fallen soldiers from the area. Further along we drive past Garden Island and end up at Greens Beach. There’s a great cafe right on the beach and the crumbed prawns, calamari and chips were pretty good.  I picked up our first xmas decoration here too.

We thought we better take a walk along the beach with Cinta.  The tide is out so far and the beach is clean, but we’re not taking our shoes off as it’s cold and the wind is blowing a gale. On the drive home we pass a dilapidated old house in the middle of a paddock. Stop, I say to Andrew.  That’s a terrific photo opportunity.  Out I climb to get the photo.

Back at home and Bethany has come to ride Noah for a few hours.  She’s taking him to pony club tomorrow for their xmas break up so she’s trying out some reindeer ears to see if he’ll allow her to put them on him.  They’ll be arriving early in the morning to put him in the float for his day out.

Wildlife: alpacas, llamas, Shetland ponies, cows, horses, cattle, geese, ducks, seagulls.

Day 329: Georgetown

We are pretty excited this morning as the temperature is going to climb to 20 degrees and there is very little wind.  I’m spending the morning working then we are going to head out for the rest of the day.  We are both in shorts.  It’s such a beautiful day we put Cinta in the car and head out to Georgetown and Low Head along the eastern side of the Tamar River.  There’s a couple of things that are worthwhile having a look at.

Low Head Lighthouse was built in 1833 and after 50 years the convict-built stone tower was pulled down and replaced by a double brick structure.  The tower is 15.25m from top to bottom and the light is now unmanned.  While walking back to the carpark the caretaker stopped me to show me the fairy penguin sitting on her eggs at the entrance to the walkway.  Heavily hidden under the brush, however, right on the pathway.  I was astounded that she would nest there.  You can just see her head in the image below.

Right outside the caravan park at East Beach is a collection of Macrocapa wood carvings created by Eddie Freeman with his chainsaw.  There is another collection on the foreshore at Georgetown.  Hard to believe they are carved with a chainsaw when you view the detail of each carving. 

Georgetown has a painted water tower, so naturally it was on our “to do” list.  One of the oldest known, painted in 1985.

Georgetown foreshore is really pretty.  We take Cinta for a walk along the pathway and very quickly the winds pick up and force us back to the car.  I quickly snap some of the scenery from the area.

Back at home and it’s time to start putting the budget together and working on this blog. It’s been a cold, windy and dreary week in the Tamar Valley and most of my time has been focused on work.  I’m hoping things settle down a bit next week so that we can do a bit more exploring.   Until then, keep smiling.

Week 47 total expenses: $487.60 under budget!



That’s a wrap for Week 47 of the Lap of the Map.

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