Week 46 | Lower Beulah House Sit

Day 316: Lower Beulah

The start of another week at our property sit begins. It’s a chilly start to the day and we are wondering how much longer we’ll experience cold weather. We are spending a lot of this week at the property again given it’s location.

Last night I heard some devastating news of an old school friend who was tragically killed while doing what he loves. Whilst we hadn’t seen a lot of Brant and Janelle over the years we remained in touch through Facebook and they visited us for morning tea just before we left on our trip. It was a great morning with plenty of laughs and we enjoyed hearing about Brant’s passion to help others through his wilderness walking group. Brant was a larikan. He was larger than life and lived every moment to the max. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all of those who were touched by his kind, compassionate & incredibly motivating nature. Rest in Peace Brant.

Every day around 10am we let the ducks and chickens out from their roost, put fresh water into the blue shell and top up the feed. For some reason this week I’m not keen to put my hand into the nesting boxes to find the eggs. Just another job for Andrew. Most days there are 4 duck and 3 chicken eggs, occasionally one less of each. We have eaten more eggs here than we have eaten in months. Scrambled eggs for breakfast has become a staple.

Andrew is cleaning the car today, a much needed job as it hasn’t had much attention over the past 10 months. So very different to being fully cleaned every week while he was managing Sugarland Car Rentals.

I’m a day late with last weeks budget and blog so I’m sitting out in the garden under the tree busy tapping away at my laptop.  Every afternoon we have a walk around the property checking out what is blooming and I always find something new to photograph.

Day 317 – 318:  Lower Beulah

Last night we had some welcome rain. Although is was only 17ml it felt like it rained on and off all night. Yesterday we picked up another house sit and today we are heading up to the Tamar Valley to meet Carol and Rod. They’re leaving for Singapore & Thailand on Wednesday & put a last minute post up on the Aussie House Sitters site to see if they could get a house sitter rather than relying on friends to look after their three horses. We stop in at Exeter for morning tea at The Cabin Coffee Shop. We meet the owner who purchased the shop six months ago & did a complete reno on the place. We’re sitting outside in the cold as we have Cinta with us today as Carol and Rod wanted to meet her before they left. The coffee was really lovely.

Halfway between Beaconsfield and Beauty Point is the 16 acre property. As we approach we see the three horses in the paddock. Carol and Rod have invited us for lunch. It’s great to meet them and have a tour of the property and get all the instructions for looking after the place. They’re happy for us to come on Tuesday after our house sit at Lower Beulah finishes.

Back at home and time to put the ducks and chickens back into the roost and get some dinner organised.

Last night plummeted to 4 degrees and waking up this morning it’s reached 8 degrees with a high of 14 expected. It’s overcast and drizzly and I stay in my Pj’s until lunch time. That is most unusual for me!  We’re not moving far today in this miserable weather. It’s a perfect opportunity to download all my photos to my hard drive and get them into albums on my google drive. It’s quite a process and takes most of the day.

Day 319: Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm & Liffey Falls

The sun is shining and we’re expecting 19 degrees today so a decision is made to venture out to see Liffey Falls. On the way is the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm which is on the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail.  We have been past a few times now and I’ve said to Andrew that I’d love to stop in for morning tea. Today is the day. It’s only 9.30am so we take a walk around the lakeside boardwalk to see what we can discover.  Just over the small wooden bridge is a mob of paddy melons. I’m madly snapping away when Andrew notices a baby in its mother’s pouch. I’m able to get quite close as the little one is poking his head in and out of the pouch. They are so cute.

Further along the walkway are two alpacas. One of them is really inquisitive and allows me to hold my phone really close to photograph him. I snap a few pretty reflections on the lake before heading into the cafe for a lovely warm cappuccino and some raspberry treats for morning tea. Andrew chooses the scones with jam and cream and I pick the waffles with raspberry ice cream & coulis. We both share. We have never tasted fresh raspberries so sweet and juicy. The jam is full of plump raspberries and the ice cream is rich and creamy. It’s a taste sensation in your mouth. Truly delicious.  Before leaving I get a quick photo of my pet Railton Rock out the front of the farm so that I can post it on the Railton Rox Facebook page.

Travelling along a narrow and very winding road we enter the Liffey Falls State Reserve. The road turns to dirt and is only suitable for short wheel based vehicles. It’s only 6km in but it’s a very slow drive meandering around the mountain range. We only pass two cars and had to completely stop on the very edge of the track to allow the other vehicles to pass. I’m relieved when we arrive at the car park.  There is only room for about a dozen vehicles and we are surprised to see a large Maui van in the car park.

The Liffey River rises on the northern edge of the Great Western Tiers and plunges through dense rainforest of myrtle, sassafras and leatherwood, running over several magnificent waterfalls before reaching rich farmlands and joining the South Esk River.

The return walk is around 45 minutes with four sets of falls which can be viewed from the viewing decks. The track is all down hill with a lot of steps. I didn’t bother counting them. The falls are really picturesque and I take the opportunity to take a couple of long exposure photos on my iPhone. We meet an elderly gentleman who tells us that he has parked in the lower car park & is doing the 8km round walk to the top car park.  We feel very unfit and lazy at opting for the higher car park and the shorter walk.  We also meet a young couple with a child who warn us about a black snake on the boardwalk further down the track.  Andrew is in the lead and is on snake lookout!

The trek back up to the car park is challenging for me.  I struggle with steps so there is many stops along the way so that I can catch my breath.  The tree ferns are enormous, producing beautiful shadows along the pathway.  There is nothing quite like the smell of a rainforest, the sound of a waterfall and the fresh clean air.

Day 320 – 322 Lower Beulah

The weather is not getting much better this week, hence most of the time has been spent at the property.  I’m putting in a full day of work today and Andrew is lighting the fire so that I can work inside the house in the warmth.  Andrew is watching the TV, reading and spending time playing with the dogs and cat.  Little Doogie is such a character.  He’s taken to Cinta and follows her around everywhere.  Pikelet the cat just loves to bite and Amy will chase the ball all day long.  Cinta is terrified of the cat!

Another cold start to the day at 9 degrees and the wind has picked up this morning.  I’m struggling with my hay fever today, however, I’ve planned a big preparation day of baking vegetables ready for pumpkin soup and a vegetable frittata.  The house owners will be home late on Monday so I’m preparing a meal for them for when they arrive.  After a full day of baking I’m falling asleep on the couch.  Andrew has been busy attending to all the watering.

Sunday has rolled around again, how the weeks are flying by.  We’re expecting a top of 13 degrees today and rain is forecast.  The slow cooker is on with the pumpkin soup and I’ve got the frittata with all the lovely baked vegetables in the oven.  Time to do some cleaning while it’s cooking.

The rain has rolled in and it feels much colder than 13 degrees.  Andrew cleaned out the pot belly this morning so we’re not having another fire today.  Back in the van it’s time to do the budget and finish this blog.  On Tuesday we’ll say goodbye to Nadia, Alex, Sky and Jordan and head out to the Tamar to begin the next house sit.  I hope you can come back to see what we get up to next week.  Enjoy your week.

Wildlife: llamas, sheep, cattle, horses, ducks, chickens, rabbits, water hens, alpacas, paddy melons, dead kangaroos, Shetland ponies, Fairy wrens.

Week 46 total expenses: $143.32 an extremely cheap week as we haven’t travelled far.



That’s a wrap for Week 46 of the Lap of the Map.

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2 thoughts on “Week 46 | Lower Beulah House Sit

  1. Another great week. I bet the owners were happy to have a meal ready for them. All those eggs and fresh veggies would be great.


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