Week 45 | Railton to Lower Beulah

Day 309: Railton to Lower Beulah

When the temperature plummets to single digits and you’re free camping, it’s very hard to get out of bed. We have a very slow start to the day and then take Cinta for a walk around town. The Railton Neighbourhood Centre provides information about the township, has a community garden, bookshop, art & craft lessons. We have a lovely chat to the volunteer on duty today. There’s a basket on a small table with a sign “Visitors; please take a painted rock with you & post it on Facebook so we can see how far our rocks travel”. I can’t resist a challenge like that and notice that there are other rocks for sale. I purchase my Railton Rock for $2 and tell the volunteer that it will travel the rest of Tasmania and back home to Queensland by June next year. Andrew has a book and we have a jar of jam, 3 items for $8.

By 11am it’s climbed to 16 degrees so we pack up to make the 50km journey to our house sit at Lower Beulah.  Perched on a hill, the property is 6 acres and is situated amongst farmlands and pine plantations. Not an ideal spot for my hay fever but I’ll survive!

The road in to Lower Beulah is narrow and turns to dirt followed by a very steep hill on Dawkins Road. Andrew stops the car and puts it into low 4WD and we slowly climb the hill. A sigh of relief when we reach the top. Next up will be the driveway onto the property. He takes that with ease. The dogs (Doogie and Amy) come to meet us. We chat with Nadia and finally meet Sky. We’ve been liaising with Sky throughout the house sit process. Andrew reverses the van in with ease and we get ourselves set up in no time.

Nadia and Sky make us feel very welcome and we spend most of the afternoon chatting and getting last minute instructions on animal feeding and garden care.  Jordan is bringing down extra wood for the pot belly and Alex arrives home from work. Plenty more chat.  We’re going to feel right at home looking after 4 sheep, 1 drake, 4 ducks, 3 chickens, 2 dogs, 1 cat and some fish.

Wildlife: cattle, horses, sheep, dead possums, dead rabbits, ducks, chickens.

Days 310 – 315: Lower Beulah

We all enjoy a cuppa down in the greenhouse this morning. It’s a great spot to sit and enjoy the warmth. The family is packed and ready to leave for their drive to Launceston to catch their flight.

Today is all about relaxing and enjoying our new surrounds. I’m baking some muffins and then spending the afternoon in the sunshine doing some sketching. We finally picked up the roofing sealant spray so Andrew has sprayed the roof so we are hopeful that if it rains there’ll be no more leaks.  Before dinner we herd the ducks and chickens back into their pen and close the shades on the greenhouse. It’s so peaceful and quiet out here.

I’m putting in a big work day today. Andrew is in charge of the washing. First up though we open the greenhouse and let the ducks and chickens out. Another 7 eggs! We’re never going to keep up with this many eggs. The weather turns sour and the pot belly is lit and we move inside to enjoy the warmth of the fire for the afternoon. We’re having quiche for dinner tonight. It’s full of fresh veggies from the garden as well as 10 eggs!

This morning we’re venturing in to Deloraine to do our shopping. We’ve been pretty good over the past two weeks in cutting back on morning teas so this morning we are having a treat at Frogs Bakery. The coffee is so cute with the frog stenciled on the top. Andrew rates the vanilla slice at 7. Deloraine has a lot of creative people and we enjoy wandering the street and visiting all the art and craft shops. Back at home and I manage a nana nap. It’s a tough life out in the country.

After another cold night dropping to 7 degrees the sun is shining and we’re expecting a top of 27. Wow, the shorts are out of the cupboard. How good does that feel. My skin looks and feels like a snakes skin, I could almost shed it all. Layers and layers of cream are just not keeping my skin moist enough in this cold weather.

Another 5 eggs! Oh boy, we’re stockpiling eggs now. While the weather is beautiful I’m going to get my drone out and have a flight around the property. The dogs are not keen on the noise and keep barking at the drone. I manage a couple of flights and get some good aerial shots.  The garden has a real whimsical feel about it and I can’t help wandering around and photographing it.

Here’s a short video of around the property.

This morning we’re taking a drive into Launceston for some shopping. There is plenty of traffic on the highway and when we arrive at the shopping centre it’s crowded with people. I feel so claustrophobic. It’s an awful feeling and I can’t wait to get out of this shopping centre. Our time in Launceston is short, just picking up the things we need and leaving. Cities and people are just not our thing anymore, we’ll take the laid back lifestyle, peace and serenity any day. On the way home the rain starts to fall and the temperature drops from 19 degrees to 14 degrees within minutes.  Nadia told us about the short cut through to Deloraine and Launceston which we have taken on 2 occasions now.  The countryside is both beautiful and starkly devastating. From the beautiful farmlands to the harshness of the logged pine forests.  It’s quite confronting seeing the logged forests up so close. Back at home we spend the afternoon relaxing. Andrew watching the cricket and I’m working on my drone video.

Another cold morning and late start to the day. Another 6 eggs. Oh my, there are so many eggs! I’ve decided I’ll make some quiche to put in the freezer. Yesterday I roasted off some veggies in preparation for today’s bake off. I haven’t used my pie tins or little quiche dishes the whole trip so it’s high time I got them out of the cupboard.  Having a large bake off in a caravan is quite challenging. I’ve extended the table out and have all my dishes prepped with baking paper and rice at the ready. I’m not making my own pastry, I’ve cheated and bought the prepared short crust pastry. I’ve got 4 pie tins and 4 quiche tins and a larger pie dish. I’m using the duck eggs for the baking today as apparently they are better for cooking because they are so creamy. After 4 hours the baking is done. It’s a slow process in a turbo oven! All the quiche is cooled and packaged up ready for the freezer. There was a small amount of pastry left over so I’ve made some small raspberry tarts for Andrew as well.

Andrew has been busy washing the caravan today, doing the washing and watering the gardens. Our jobs are all done so it’s now time to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the day.  Our days this week have been filled with wandering the garden, watering, tending to the greenhouse and feeding the animals along with a little bit of work.  The wifi reception can be a bit scratchy at times so while it’s good we’ve both taken advantage of using it.  Here’s a few pics from around the garden.

We have managed to secure another house sit starting on the day we leave this property.  We’re going to be up in the Tamar Valley region on another acreage property looking after 3 horses until 13th December.  We’re off to meet the owners tomorrow as they are flying out to Thailand on Wednesday!  That’s all from Tassie this week.  I hope to see you come back next week to see what we’ve been up to.

Wildlife: sheep, ducks, chickens, Shetland ponies, dead possums, sheep, cattle, goats, parrots

Week 45 total expenses: $527.37 Under budget, however a little higher than we expected due to some bulk buying this week.



That’s a wrap for Week 45 of the Lap of the Map.

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