Week 41 | Adelaide to Kingston SE

Day 281: Adelaide

Our stay in Adelaide is coming to an end. Port Adelaide has some wall mural art, so we’re taking a quick detour to have a look before we head to Hallet Cove.  There’s a striking peacock painted on the walls of the Pirate Life Brewery and other artworks have been painted during the Wonderwalls festivals.

We’re catching up with my long time friend Debbie and husband Howard. They live at Hallet Cove and it is so great to finally see where they live. Hallet Cove is about an hours drive from North Haven where we’ve been staying with Keith and Kay.  The views over the ocean are really picturesque. Debbie’s sister Deidre and husband Colin are joining us for a ploughmans lunch. It’s a really interesting lunch with plenty of laughter. It was so great to catch up again and hopefully they’ll all come to visit us in Mission Beach sometime.

There’s been a few hiccups with launching the website that I’ve been working on but at last it’s gone live! What a relief! It’s done. It’s time to celebrate. Keith actually has a small bottle of champagne so out it comes!  I can’t resist the celebratory photo.  It’s been a challenging project! Cheers!

Later in the evening I get a text from Tracey. Google is not picking up the new site, it’s still referencing the old site and showing an “oops” error. Deflated. Now I have to try to work out why googles robots are not finding the new site! Just another challenge late at night!

Wildlife: seagulls, pelicans.

Day 282: Adelaide to Murray Bridge

We’re saying goodbye to Keith and Kay today as we leave Adelaide for Murray Bridge.  It’s 9.30am and 23 degrees. We’ve had a fabulous time with these two as we always do. We feel so comfortable in their home, it’s always sad to say goodbye.

Work is on my mind as we travel today. We’ve decided to stay in Murray Bridge for two nights so I can look into the google issue. We’ve travelled 100km today.

The Murray Bridge Marina and caravan park is right on the mighty Murray. Driving down the hill it looks so beautiful and I immediately feel a sense of calm, it’s overwhelming me. Let’s stay 3 nights I say to Andrew. Angie in the office is lovely and after checking in she comes out to say hello to Cinta. We can pick our own site and they are spacious with lovely green grass. We’ve got the seniors discount making it $31.50 a night. After setting up I get straight onto the keyboard to try to resolve the google issue. Mostly out of my control but there are a few things I discover we can do to help the robots find us faster…

To my relief and also Tracey’s, google has finally found us!  Hooray!  I am very proud to say that my mission of building a website is complete.  If you’re interested you can have a look at the site here;  www.workingvisions.com.au

Wildlife: swan, ducks, cattle, horses, minor birds, magpies, pelicans

Day 283 – 285:  Murray Bridge

The weather is turning and today we’re expecting a high of 35 degrees.  What a difference to a week ago when we were waking up to 4 degrees.  We can’t believe the variance in weather temperatures that we have experienced during our journey.  It’s so very different to home where the temperature is constant.

The winds are picking up this afternoon.  We take one last walk down to the marina and feed the ducks and swans.  Cinta is having a swim and the swans are not happy with her in the water.  They make a dash for her.  Tail in the air, she back peddles out of the water pretty quickly.

It’s midnight and we both wake up to the horrendous howling of wind.  Here we are outside at midnight taking the awning in.  What a restless night.  I manage to get a bit of a sleep in until 7.00am.  What a treat!

I’m really excited today as we are taking a cruise down the Murray on the Captain Proud Paddle Steamer.  We’ve booked the 3 hour lunch cruise.  It’s very reasonably priced at $64.90 each which includes a 2 course lunch.  The paddle steamer is 42 years old and to be honest, it really could do with a lick of paint.  It would make all the difference.

I’m feeling totally relaxed today with work being the last thing on my mind. I think I’ll celebrate with a few cocktails while cruising the river.  We’re sitting with a group of 6 other people who we quickly make conversation with.  A lovely couple from New Zealand with their friends from Perth.  They’ve come up from Adelaide on the bus for the day trip.  The Captain informs us that you can view the paddles going around from the ladies loo so I head down to take this short video.

The staff are really friendly and lunch is served in the dining room on the middle level.  Andrew has the chicken schnitzel and I have the fish, chips and salad. It’s followed by apple crumble & ice cream for Andrew and fresh fruit salad & ice cream for me.  The meals were plentiful and very tasty.

The temperature has soared to 38 degrees today.  It’s hot, but thankfully the humidity is kind to us.  Back at the park we take Cinta down to the river for a swim as she’s been in the caravan while we’ve been enjoying our cruise along the river.  There’s a family of ducks with 8 babies swimming around the marina and the swans are still there too.  The ducks are very protective of their young and immediately seek shelter under the jetty.

Murray Bridge is a very pretty township.  We decide to spend another day here.  This township is full of beautiful gardens with roses in every colour you can think of.  I’ll remember it fondly for this.  There is a bit of retail therapy needed, so we head off to the shops for the morning.

Wildlife: ducks, swans, minor birds, magpies

Day 286:  Murray Bridge to Kingston SE

It’s time to pack up and get ourselves going on the road again.  We’re banking time now until we have to be in Melbourne to catch the Spirit of Tasmania.  Leaving Murrary Bridge by 9.30am at a comfortable 16 degrees we follow the Coorong.  The winds are up around 50km an hour today.  We can feel the van being buffeted.  Along the way we pass another pink lake at Meninjie.  We stop for the obligatory photo.  The drive is slow today at 80km p/hour.  Our journey is only 222km today and we’re going to be camping at the Kingston SE RV Park.

We arrive after lunch and the winds are still very strong.  The park is spacious and right by the beach and jetty.  There’s a fish n chip shop right on the beach.  It’s the first one we have seen on the beach in a long time.  There’s plenty of cars there, so that’s a good sign to us.

We get ourselves set up, pay the $10 fee for 2 nights and decide that we’ll treat ourselves to fish n chips.  It’s King George whiting and the chips are hot and crispy.  Delicious.  We are almost blown back across the road to the caravan.  It’s overcast too and a few spots of rain are falling.  Looks like an afternoon inside.  Andrew is watching the footy and I’m getting last weeks blog finished.

Wildlife: pelicans, seagulls, minor birds, magpies, cattle, sheep, horses.

Day 287: Kingston SE

A lovely sleep in till 7.00am again.  Perfect start to a windy, overcast day.  This morning we are taking a drive to see “Larry” the big Lobster.  He’s situated at the entrance to Kingston SE.  Photo time.  We decide to have a take away coffee while we’re here and I also pick up some home made peppermint slice.  Yum.  There’s not a lot to do in Kingston SE.  Driving through town, most of the shops are empty.  There are some lovely old buildings which we wander around, in particular the Post Office and the Old Gaol.

There’s a lot of new homes being constructed and we have to wonder why when there doesn’t seem to be much available in relation to services.  A lot of the homes look as though they could be holiday homes as there doesn’t appear to be any sign of life.  Windows have shutters and they are all closed.

The weather drives us back to the van and inside I am busy getting this weeks blog completed.  Two blogs in two days – now that’s a record.  I’m pleased with myself that I have been dedicated to writing a blog every week for 41 weeks now.  It’s a great sense of achievement and a great record of our journey.

A surprise skype from our neighbours Gunther and Barbara today.  It was so lovely to see their faces and hear their voices.  We couldn’t ask for better neighbours.  It was great to have a chat and a few laughs.  I know you will be reading this, we miss you two and send all our love.

The budget is done and we are ready to start another week tomorrow on another venture to a destination unknown.  Thanks for checking in and following our journey, I hope you are still enjoying the read.

Week 41 total expenses: $987.18 – just under budget!



That’s a wrap for Week 41 of the Lap of the Map.

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