Week 40 | Port Lincoln to Adelaide

Day 274: Port Lincoln to Kimba

We’re up early today so that Andrew can take the car in for its service. When he arrives they advise him that they’ll be doing the recall work for our break lines. We hadn’t received any notification about the recall so we’re glad that they are on the ball.

I’ll be working all day today. Andrew has been tasked with the shopping. He’s also finding a caravan spare parts place to see if he can replace the bendy hose fitting on the van where we connect our water hose. It’s been leaking since we left Perth and we don’t like keeping the hose tap on when we camp in a park as water is so precious in some towns. We are both really pleased that he has been able to get a brass connection which should do the job.

In need of a break from work we take a drive up to the Winter Hill lookout.  The view is breathtaking over the city, bay and Boston Island. On the way home we drive along the foreshore where the life like statue of Makybe Diva is located.

Back home and back to work again. Late afternoon it’s time to have a stroll along the beachfront.  I can’t help myself snapping a few pics under the bridge.  It’s 9.30pm, time to pack the laptop up and finish work for the night.

Wildlife: dolphins, seagulls, pelicans, minor birds, magpies.

Day 275: Port Lincoln to Kimba

Today is all about chasing silo art. We’re ready to leave by 9.00am and it’s 14 degrees.

Our first stop at Tumby Bay is just over 50km. It’s home to the Tumby Bay Silo Mural. Painted by Argentinian artist Martin Ron the artwork represents Tumby Bays past present and future. The images used of the children jumping off the jetty were taken from a photograph. It covers 2200m2 and took 430 litres of paint taking 28 days to complete.

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a photo from my drone. I launch the drone from the picnic table and it immediately advises I’m in an unsafe area. It’s beeping and telling me I have a critically low battery. It starts to land and manages to go under the seating. Thinking the propellers would now stop I went to pick it up. Now that certainly wasn’t a smart thing to do. I immediately feel the pain of whiplash and there’s blood coming from my thumb and fore finger. You stupid idiot I tell myself. Andrew I need a bandaid and a nurofen!! The cuts from the blades are small but the pain is excruciating. I power down the drone. Clean up my fingers. Lesson learnt. My fingers throb for about another thirty minutes. My first thought when it happened; how am I going to get all this work finished by Friday. Argh!

Next stop is Arno Bay. Cousin Keith from Adelaide has a friend who owns the local pub; The West End Hotel. We pop in to meet David and have a chat. Morning tea is across the road at the local cafe.  The caravan park next door has a beautiful garden filled with extra large roses.  I can’t help myself and have to take a photo.

Next stop is Kimba. The drive is quite picturesque through rolling pastures of farming lands.  We can see a storm brewing ahead. We’re both hoping we don’t have to set up in the rain again!

Luckily the storm skirts around Kimba. We stop to view the silo. Its an amazing piece of work covering six silos.  Painted by Cam Scale in 2017 the works took 3 weeks to paint.  They stand at over 65m wide and 25m high and took 200 Litres of paint.  The artwork depicts a young local girl playing in the wheat set amongst an amazing sunset.

Kimba is the half way across Australia point and is a small community with around 1000 people in the whole district.  We are heading for the free camp in the Memorial park. There are toilets and showers ($1 for 2 minutes) and camping is by donation and allowed for 5 days. There is ample space to park. There’s a footy field, tennis & basketball courts, a pony club and a big clubhouse. This would have to be one of the best free camps we have stayed at in our whole journey.

I’ve had a lot of work come in and as we don’t have to be in Adelaide until Friday we decide to stay 2 nights. Everyone we spoke to before arriving asked why would we want to stay in Kimba? Well let me tell you. This is a progressive community welcoming the travelling RV’ers . We met Red from the Council cleaning the amenities block. His smile and cheery welcome was infectious. He told us all about what Kimba had to offer.

The wind is blowing a gale and believe it or not the flies are in full force. We sit outside for about an hour before they drive us back inside. I start work and Andrew does some reading.

After dinner we head down to see the silo lit up at night time. It’s extra special under lights. Around the corner is the big galah and the Halfway across Australia sign so we get a few pics there before heading back to the camp ground. We’ve decided we’ll stay an extra day so that I can catch up on my work. My deadline is looming for this weekend…

Wildlife: flies, lizards, magpies, crows

Day 276:  Kimba

It’s 9 degrees when we wake up this morning and the wind is blowing a gale again. After a late start I drag the laptop out and start pounding the keyboard. Lunch time rolls in so Andrew takes me down to the Kimba Gateway Hotel for a counter lunch. What a surprise inside, it’s a great atmosphere and the woman at the bar is really friendly and interested to hear all about us.  She also lets us know that Red does a pick up on Wednesday nights for the pub. We are given a 10% seniors discount on our meal as well.

The annual art exhibition is across the road and entry is $3. There is some amazing works on display from beautiful watercolours to acrylic, oils and photography. I really enjoy the exhibition and put my vote in for the people’s choice award. Around another corner is Eileen’s a lovely small coffee shop with boutique gift wares for sale. As you all already know our journey is all about the countryside and the food. We love food. Far too much. Back home and back to work. Late this afternoon we have a big walk before settling in for a night of Netflix.

Wildlife: sheep, cattle, dead kangaroos, crows, galahs

Day 277: Kimba to Lochiel

We’re waking up to 5 degrees this morning and it’s hard to get out of bed and get moving. We’ll be travelling 333km to Lochiel, a free camp beside a memorial hall. We’ll go through Iron Knob and Port Augusta, both mining towns.  We’ll then head south for Adelaide. It’s 8.35am when we hit the road and it’s warmed up to 9 degrees.  We pass another bike rider today.

The scenery today is large agricultural and grazing properties. We arrive at Lochiel just after 1.00pm. There is nothing here except for a coffee shop and a memorial hall and the public toilet block. Across the road is the Bumbungan Lake, with a slight pink hue. Half a dozen cars pull up beside us and one is a truck towing a trailer.

SunSPEC is a solar powered car. All the young guys pile out and head over to the lake for their selfies. We’re chatting to a couple of people that have pulled up to use the toilets and they tell us about the solar car race from Darwin to Adelaide. The boys from Singapore are all back and ready to head off so I can’t miss the opportunity to go over and have a chat. They tell us that their car didn’t even start the race. It caught fire on the back of the truck. $300,000 up in smoke and now landfill. Some of the cars are millions of dollars and some have back up cars too. Wow, how exciting to meet one of the teams. Photo time! I showed them our map of where we had travelled, they couldn’t believe how far around Australia we had been.

The winds are calm so we head over to the lake so I can take a drone flight. I’m far more careful when I land today and make sure that the propellers have stopped completely before I even try to pick it up!

There is 3 vans in the free camp tonight. Being right beside the highway would put a lot of people off and Adelaide is only 140km away. Miels on Wheels pulls in. We bought their book back in Carnarvon earlier in the year. On the way to the loo I have a chat with them. They’ve certainly travelled the country.  I hope you enjoy my drone flight at the lake.

Wildlife: cattle sheep, dead kangaroos, galahs.

Day 278:  Lochiel to Adelaide

It’s the middle of spring why is it so darned cold? 4 degrees, brrrr. Packed up and ready to go by 9.00am and it’s a little more pleasant at 14 degrees. We’re not on the road for long when 3 support cars for the solar car race pass us by. Andrew tells me to get my phone ready as there’s a solar car approaching. Car 70 passes us. We’re sitting on 90km. He’s easily doing 100km. The car is so low to the ground.  How exciting to actually see a car in the race.

We arrive at my cousins place; Keith and Kay just before lunch. It’s so great to see them again and to be able to spend time in their lovely home.

Wildlife:  galahs, cattle, sheep/

Day 279: Adelaide

Today is a work day for me as the website I’ve created is now finished and ready to go live. We have outsourced the final step as migrating the site and emails is out of my realm of expertise. It’s a tense day waiting for it to happen.

Andrew and Keith head out for the morning. Of course the Port Adelaide club is a stop over. Keith is a mad supporter and he’s keen to show Andrew the clubhouse.

Keith and Kay’s grandchildren are coming for a sleepover tonight so we will all know we are alive with the little ones in the house.  It’s so lovely to see the special bond that they all have together.

No luck today with the website going live…

Day 280: Adelaide

The family are all coming over for a bbq lunch today. There’s plenty to chat about. Dianne and Graham are flying to Paris tomorrow, Sandra and Steve has just returned from China and of course we’ve travelled 26,000km around Australia!

We’re meeting the 2 newest additions to the family Max and Maggie who were born just before we left Adelaide at the end of March. There is nothing quite like the smell of a beautiful baby.  Keith and Kay are blessed with 5 beautiful grandchildren.  We’ve all had a fantastic afternoon catching up and we hope that one day some of our relatives will venture up to see us at Mission Beach.  We took this pic and forgot to include Keith and Kay – oops! sorry guys!!

Graham, Steve, Andrew, Sandra, Marcia & Dianne

No luck today with the website going live.  To say it’s frustrating is an understatement.  Let’s hope tomorrow is the day!

Week 40 total expenses: $1024.04 – a good result considering we had a car service this week.



That’s a wrap for Week 40 of the Lap of the Map.

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