Week 36 | Whitby House Sit – Week 8

Day 246 – 252: Whitby

We are heading out this morning to the Serpentine Dam Cafe to have morning tea with our friend Alex.  It’s a great location sitting out on the deck watching the No. 28 parrots and wrens coming down to feed.  How can you possibly go past scones with jam and cream?  Just outside of Jarrahdale we noticed these trees in bloom, we’re not sure what they are but possibly peach trees.

I have a very busy week with work commitments so we won’t be venturing too far this week.  Needless to say, this will be a short blog.

We haven’t been to the movies in years and with Downton Abbey now showing, it’s time to enjoy a movie and take advantage of cut price Tuesday.  I really loved it.  An easy movie to watch, set in the 1920’s when everything was polite and proper.  The dresses were so elegant and the Abbey is amazing.  Have they left it open for a further series?  I certainly hope so.

While we were in Adelaide my cousin Keith gave Andrew a list of the Top 5 Vanilla Slices.  Of course Andrew is keen to try every one of them.  Honey’s Bakehouse at Roleystone is on the list, so we head out there for morning tea.  Given that it is such a cold windy day, we decide to pick up the slice and take it back home.

Here’s the report: cuts easy with a knife (a must requirement for Marcia), nice pastry that you can bite through, thick firm custard, (a little too much vanilla essence for Marcia), chocolate on the top – bonus point!  Andrew rates the slice as 9/10 and Marcia rates it at 8/10.  I’d like to add the vanilla slice from the Visitor Centre in Broome – it rated a 10/10 from me while we were there.

The garden is still giving us plenty of joy with cliveas bursting out on a daily basis.  The azaleas and camelias are almost finished now.  There’s been plenty of weeding that we have been more than happy to do.  It’s so lovely to wander the property each day to see what is coming into flower.

Today we are heading up to the Swan Valley to have our last catch up with Greg and Alison.  It’s been so great to enjoy their company on several occasions while we’ve been in Perth.  Today is our “last hoorah” and what better place to be than the Black Swan Winery.  We start off with the wine tasting then head into the restaurant that overlooks the vineyard.  We are both pleased that we are sitting inside, even though it’s going to be 20 degrees there is a bit of wind around today.

No blog post is complete if it doesn’t involve food.  We love food.  Very much.   Entree is a trio of dips with Focaccia.  Andrew has the special of the day which is roast pork belly and it looks and tastes delicious.  I can’t go past grilled barramundi with a potato croquet.  As if that wasn’t enough, we thought we would do dessert as well.  There is no way we are passing up creme brulee.  Can you here the crack as we tap the toffee?  Mmm! I had to take a photo of Greg’s dessert as the sticky date pudding looks amazing and Greg said it was delicious.

Is your mouth watering now?  It should be.  We are passing up dinner tonight, we very rarely do 3 courses.  We couldn’t possibly fit anything else in today.  The roses at the entrance to the winery are so fragrant, I couldn’t resist sniffing them all and of course taking a few pics.

Tomorrow takes us into our last week at the property sit.  It’s going to be a very busy work week again.  Andrew will be busy getting the van ready for the next leg of our journey and Sunday we’ll head off to Manjimup.  Next week’s blog may be a little late. Until then, keep smiling and enjoy every waking moment.

Wildlife:   galahs, horses, alpacas, llamas, sheep, ducks, black cockatoos, wrens, goats, corellas, No 28 parrots, crows.

Week 36 total expenses: $490.96 – great to be under budget.  We’re heading for some expensive weeks ahead as we travel towards the Nullabour.



That’s a wrap for Week 36 of the Lap of the Map.

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