Week 33 | Whitby House Sit – Week 5

Day 225 – 231: Whitby

After an extremely busy few days exploring the winery region we have a very late start to the morning before heading out for the weekly shopping.  Back at home there is work to be done after having a 4 day break.  Later in the afternoon it’s time to do a bit of weeding and an early night is on the agenda for both of us.

This morning we are heading into the city to see the mural on the Adnate Hotel Perth.  The hotel has been named after Melbourne artist Matt Adnate.  The mega mural is 25 stories high and is one of the worlds tallest murals.  The Perth mural includes portraits of a Noongar man, an Indian woman and a Mediterranean woman and created entirely with spray paint.

Driving along Hay Street, I catch my first glimpse of the mega mural and it certainly does not disappoint.  To say it is an amazing piece of artwork is an understatement.  I only wish we had ventured in while he was actually painting the mural, it would have been an amazing sight to see.

Today we are catching up with a very special friend, Alex Graham.  We’re having morning tea at the Dome Cafe at Byford.  Dome has an interesting story and it’s worth reading about.  They take local heritage buildings and transform them back to welcoming cafes.  The Byford cafe is currently holding an exhibition; Byford Bricks bombs and bon-bons.  It’s a really interesting collection detailing the history of the Byford area.

After lunch we decide to take a drive to Coogee Beach.  Unfortunately dogs are not permitted on Coogee Beach so we head back to Woodman Point.  There’s a lovely park with many walking tracks through the Reserve and as we head down to the beach you can see the azure blue ocean.  Fisherman are out on the jetty and people are swimming in the ocean.  Today is Perth’s hottest winter day, reaching 30 degrees.  We are loving it, it feels like home.

The weather report tells us that a week of cold weather, rain and storms are forecast.  I decide that I’ll have a work day today.  It rains on and off all day and late in the evening the rain gets much heavier and the winds pick up.

Two days of cold weather, rain and wind has driven us inside and the awning has been bought in.  I’ve been busy working and taken some time out to do some sketching tutorials.  Last nights storm skirted around us but bought plenty of thunder and lightning.  Cinta was very agitated and we all had a broken nights sleep.

The sun is shining brightly this morning and we are going to take full advantage of a beautiful day.  We’re heading out to the Lane Poole Reserve at Dwellingup.  The Reserve is about 62km from the house sit.  There’s a cute little cafe called the Blue Wren in Dwellingup and we’re more than ready for a cappucino.  The cafe is dog friendly and I love the Weekly coffee evolution drawing just above our table.

Time to head down to the reserve to the entry point and we are so fortunate to pay the seniors rate (the grey hair does it every time).  There is a lovely day use area with picnic tables and steps down into the river.  I can’t imagine swimming in the water it’s just too cold.  It’s really picturesque and we take a walk out over the rocks where the water is rushing down the river.

Lane Pool Reserve

The water is pooling beside the bank and it reminds me of our cappucino that we just had at the cafe.  Driving further through the reserve takes us to Bob’s crossing and then onto Nanga Falls.  There are plenty of camping spots within the reserve and there are quite a few walkers on the trails today.  Nanga Falls is really pretty and I take the opportunity to take a few long exposure photos on my iPhone.

There are some lovely small wildflowers growing within the reserve.  I don’t know all their names and some are difficult to find when searching the web.  I can’t help myself photographing them though.  Further around in the reserve is the caravan camping area.  We didn’t realise you could bring a caravan in and it’s very obvious that you need to come in from opposite the entry point as the dirt roads around the reserve have quite a few potholes and some of the tracks are narrow.  The caravan camping area looks fantastic, it would be great to spend a few nights here.

After leaving the park we notice a field of purple and white wild daisies just outside of Dwellingup so Andrew pulls over so I can photograph them.  Further along closer to Pinjarra there is another field of pretty pink everlastings.  We have to travel a bit further up the road and turn around to come back to photograph them.  He’s a keeper this one, always seeing the flowers before I do and always asking if I want a photo.

Pinjarra is our very late lunch stop at the Riverview Garden Cafe, it’s quite alternate and really funky and best of all dog friendly!  There’s a guy singing in the corner and all the staff have flowers in their hair.  The furniture is old and varied and they even have a community garden in the middle of the cafe.  The coffee is really good.  I just love it!  Time to head home and call it a day.

More rain is predicted today, however, we are going to put the awning back out as the winds shouldn’t be too high over the next few days.  There is a small job that needs doing in the kitchen.  We’ve had our small rubbish bin in the corner alongside the glass splash-back and it’s got quite dirty behind the glass.  There are 2 small silver domes that when removed reveal the screws to enable the glass to come off.  One dome unscrews really easy and the other just won’t budge.  We spend a good half hour trying to get it undone with no luck.  Andrew thinks we’ll have to get a hacksaw and cut it off and try to buy another one.  Not happy with that decision, while he is in the shower I keep beavering away at it and finally get the dome off.  By the time he’s out of the shower I’ve got the screws all removed and the glass off.  He is impressed and so am I!

Next up is shopping, budget and blog as we are having another wet and cold day.  It’s hard to believe that we now only have 4 weeks left at our house sit.  The time is flying by.  We’re hoping for some good weather next week so that we can start to visit the gardens and see the tulip and wildflower displays.

Wildlife:  Dead bandicoot, galahs, horses, alpacas, llamas, cattle, sheep, swans, seagulls, black cockatoos, wrens, corellas, goats.

Week 33 total expenses: $403.27 now that’s a good week!



That’s a wrap for Week 33 of the Lap of the Map.

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