Week 31 | Whitby House Sit – Week 3

Day 211- 217: Whitby

Another week is about to start, it’s passing quite quickly since we arrived in Whitby and we have not ventured very far during our stay.  We’ve decided that we will take a trip out to Wave Rock at the end of this week.  It’s about 350km from here so we’re going to book a dog friendly cabin and leave the van here.

My work load this week is quite heavy up until Wednesday so it’s not going to leave much opportunity to do anything else.  Rain is expected most days and the temperatures are all going to be single digits each night.  I’m not looking forwarding to the alarm going off at 6.00am on Tuesday so that I can be prepped ready for the board meeting by 7.30am.

I’m set up outside to work today while there is some sunshine and my laptop had an update happen overnight so it is taking some time to open this morning.  Four hours later my laptop is still trying to open with the Windows update.  I am extremely frustrated by this time.  Eventually when it starts it’s lost it’s ability to pick up my nighthawk wifi router.  To say I am over technology today is an understatement.  Unable to resolve the wifi issue I’ve had to connect my router to my laptop with it’s cable so that I can try to get some work done.  The afternoon flies by and work is finished, time to shut this computer down and have a glass of wine.

The alarm goes off at 6.00am and it’s still dark and cold.  The heater comes on to warm the van up while we are getting breakfast and I plug in my laptop to get it started in preparation for the meeting.  The screen is blank, nothing is happening.  It’s now 6.45am and I am starting to panic as I have to be online at 7.30am for the meeting.  In desperation I decide that we should take the battery out and put it back in again and see if that helps.  Andrew unscrews it for me and we can’t get the battery out.  Now what?  Screw it back up again I say.  I’ll just have to take the minutes by hand and fly blind with everything else.  We turn it over and bingo, it’s come to life – hallelujah I say!  Stress levels are receding, take a deep breath, sit down and phone in to the meeting.  I could certainly do without all that happening again.

The afternoon is drizzly and cold so we decide to put on Netflix and spend the rest of the day tucked up on the bed relaxing.

More rain overnight and early this morning.  We are heading out to the shops to pick up some supplies for our trip to Wave Rock.  The rest of the day is spent doing more work so that I can enjoy a couple of days off.

We are waking up to 4 degrees this morning and by the time we are packed up and ready to go it’s creeped up to 8 degrees.  Driving out through the Perth Hills is very picturesque, there are fruit orchards everywhere and the fog is lifting above the hills.  Our morning tea stop is about 130km which takes us to Brookton.  A very cute little township in the Wheatbelt.  Pioneer Park is situated at the Railway Station which was built in 1899.  There’s a cute little craft shop located in the station and today there is a lady selling fresh green vegetables on the platform.  The garden is really lovely and there are several cherry blossom trees buzzing with bees near the toilet block.  We grab some take away coffees from the coffee shop across the road and enjoy them in the sunshine because it’s still very cold.

Travelling further along we see many grass trees, wattle flowering, cattle and sheep grazing and then the golden colour of canola.  Fields of bright yellow everywhere, it is really a sight to see.  Along the highway we come across a ute (picture below) and wonder what it is all about.  A quick google informs us that it is a competition of how many dogs in utes can form a procession and at the same time raising money for worthy causes.  Over $100,000 has been raised over the years.  What a great idea!

After travelling 336km we arrive at Wave Rock Caravan Park.  The staff are really friendly and within no time we have checked into our dog friendly cabin.  It’s quite spacious and has everything that we need.  The heater is turned on immediately while we unpack the esky and get ourselves organised.

Our cabin at Wave Rock

Cinta is staying in the cabin while we explore Wave Rock.  A short walk from our cabin takes us out to the rock and there are Japanese tourists everywhere posing in all sorts of positions and chattering away and giggling at one another.  We decide to do the walk to the top of the rock.  There are a few sets of steps with chain rails in between and then you can walk freely along the top of the rock by following the trail.

The view at the top of the rock is very scenic looking out over the catchment area and over the township.  The rock is a granite cliff 15 metres high and 110 metres long.  The shape of the rock has been caused by weathering and water erosion which has undercut the base and left a rounded overhang which resembles a wave.  There are lots of puddles of water on the top of the rock and they are filled with small tadpoles.  Many plants adorn the rock as well.

After descending the rock we follow the trail out to Hippos Yawn, another amazing rock formation standing approximately 12.6 metres tall.  It resembles a hippo yawning hence the name.  The trail is a flat easy 1030 metres lined with casuarina trees and once at the rock a futher 680 metre loop will take you back to the car park.  We meet a lovely couple and spend some time chatting to them before they offer to take our photo for us.

After an exhausting day we are back at the cabin, having an early dinner, heater on and tucked up in bed for an early night.

We are waking up to 3 degrees outside.  The cabin is a very comfortable 24 degrees and it’s hard to load the car up and get ourselves moving.  Cinta is even hesitant to go outside.  We are taking a short drive out to Mulka’s Cave before heading home.  The Cave is one of the most significant Aboriginal rock-art sites in Western Australia.  I’m not a fan of climbing through caves so I only go to the front of the opening to view the rock-art there.

Aboriginal rock-art Mulka’s Cave

It’s time to head back to Whitby and the temperature has crept up to 8 degrees.  Kondinin Travellers Rest is our comfort stop and there is an amazing pathway in the park with large mosaic tiles depicting the area.  This small township certainly has a lot of creative people.

There is a storm brewing this afternoon and the rain is coming in.  Hail is predicted, so we are hoping that doesn’t happen!  Overnight the winds pick up and the caravan is rocking.  There is rain on and off all night, heavy at times.  There is only 24ml in the guage when we awake, the caravan has been smattered with tiny leaves from the jacaranda trees.

Today we have our friends Alison and Greg coming over for a pizza lunch.  The shopping was done late yesterday afternoon after returning home.  We’ve had a lazy start to the morning after the storm and before we know it they have arrived and the wine is being poured.  We have given them a tour of this amazing property and then it’s time to get the pizzas in the oven.  We’re having satay chicken, pulled pork with roast pumpkin, sweet potato & roast capsicum & feta and a meat lovers pizza with beef, salami and olives.  We’ve all downed the pizza in no time and finished off with a chocolate bavarian cake (just a woolies one).  We were all so busy chatting that I forgot to get some photos.  Next time!

Another 4 degree morning, when is this cold weather going to ease up?  The sun is shining today though and we’re expecting a high of 17 so we have a few jobs planned for today.  Washing is first up along with hand washing some of Cinta’s bedding and her jacket.  I’m doing some cleaning inside the van and Andrew is tidying up outside.  I’ve pruned a couple of the raphis palms around the fish pond and Andrew has chopped some firewood for this afternoons happy hour.

Sunday is budget and blog day so the rest of the afternoon is completing those tasks.  Next week we are heading down to the Margaret River for a few days.  We are both really looking forward to that trip and on the way home we’ll spend a night with our friends Linda and Phillip in Capel.

That’s all for this week folks.

Wildlife:  horses, shetland ponnies, llama, goats, sheep, cattle, No 28 parrots, galahs, black cockatoos, pidgeons, magpies, blue wrens, dead kangaroos, pigs.

Week 31 total expenses: $542.99 happy with that especially with a trip away through the week.



That’s a wrap for Week 31 of the Lap of the Map.

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2 thoughts on “Week 31 | Whitby House Sit – Week 3

  1. Feel sorry for you in that cold weather. We had a beautiful day here at Mission Beach today. Just love reading your blogs.


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