Week 29 | Whitby

Day 197 – 204 Whitby

I used to hate Mondays, the start of another working week.  Now, it’s the start of another week of our journey and it’s hard to believe that we are heading into week 29.  The time has flown by since being on the road and we are getting close to clocking up 20,000kms.

We are hoping for a high of 19 degrees today and when we awake at 7.00am this morning it’s only 7 degrees.  I’m making scrambled eggs for brekky then I’m putting on a pot of pumpkin soup in the slow cooker.  It’s washing and work day today too.  Andrew and I have both come down with mild head colds since arriving in Whitby so we haven’t ventured out a lot.  Tomorrow we are planning a big day out down to Rockingham and Mandurah.

Since arriving we’ve had 4ml of rain at Whitby, it seems so little compared to the rainfall back at Mission Beach.  Last night was quite windy and the temperature was down to 8 degrees.  Today we’re heading for a top of 22 so it’s a perfect day to be out and about touring around.

We’re heading to Rockingham which is about 33km from Whitby, it’s a lovely drive and we arrive along the beachfront.  Travelling further south we come across Cape Peron, a headland at Rockingham, at the southern end of Cockburn Sound.  Locally known as Point Peron, the cape is noted for its protected beaches, limestone cliffs, reefs and panoramic views.  It certainly was very picturesque.

Cape Peron

There are quite a few bush-walking trails at Cape Peron and we did a couple of the shorter walks out to the lookouts and then did the staircase up to the World War II gun lookout.  I had to make a couple of stops to catch my breath doing all the stairs!

We drove back into Rockingham and had a walk along the beachfront and stopped in at Spill the Beans coffee shop which is just across the road from the Jetty.  Their coffee was one of the best coffees we have had on this trip and the morning tea was absolutely yum.  We walked over to the jetty and Cinta was happy until the jetty was over the water and then her 4 paws dug into the concrete and she was not going a step further.  It is so strange as this has happened quite a few times now and on one particular walk, Andrew had to carry her over the bridge.  I did the jetty on my own while they waited on the waterfront.

Next stop was Mandurah a coastal city a further 37km from Rockingham.  We only saw a very small part of Mandurah which was around the canal area.  We stopped and had a Thai lunch in the park.  We really miss Spicy Thai at Mission Beach and we can honestly say we have not had any Thai food on this trip that matches Jacqui’s Thai food back home.  The canal area is really impressive, although I could never live in an apartment, I need to feel the sand between my toes and the grass under my feet.  It was a lovely day out and very pleasant weather.

I’m doing some work today and Andrew is washing the car and then we’ll have a relaxing afternoon.  Andrew has been down to IGA and come back with the biggest marshmallows I have ever seen.  We had been talking about having marshmallows on the fire of an evening and we are sure these ones are not going to disappoint!  They never made marshmallows like that when I was a kid.  We toasted them on the fire and they were crispy on the outside and all gooey and soft in the middle, they were so good…this could become addictive.

Cinta has taken to sleeping in one of the new garden beds, thank heavens there are no plants in there yet!  This afternoon I’ve had a bit of drone practice around the property, it’s been great to fly around and try to get used to these controls on the remote.  Here’s an aerial shot of where our van is located on the property.

Our van on the property

This morning I got my craft suitcase out from under the couch.  I forgot I had packed a painting that I had started working on before we left home.  It’s a sea turtle, so I intend to get it finished while we are here.  Stay tuned for a photo of the finished art work.

Today is another milestone, 200 days since we left home.  It sounds like a lot of days but it has gone so quickly it only feels like a few weeks since we left on this journey.  We are venturing out to the Armidale Shopping Centre to have some retail therapy.  It’s only about 20km away so it’s not far to travel.  We love people watching and there are some  interesting sights to see.  I’ll be looking for a hairdresser again soon and we came across an interesting hairdressing salon concept that had a booth at the front where you put in $12, take a number and then you get your hair cut.  I wonder what the cut would be like…Andrew always tells me you get what you pay for and I can just hear my brother Ray saying Trailer Trash hair cut.  Will I be game to try it, you’ll have to wait and see.

Today we are heading out to Kelmscott to meet my best friend Linda and her husband Phillip for morning tea.  I’ve really missed Linda since she left Mission Beach, we had some great craft mornings and retail therapy road trips and craft weekends away.  We all had a great morning catching up and we’re looking forward to going down to Capel to visit them during our stay in Perth.  Cinta will be looking forward to catching up with Chopper too.  We were chatting so much I completely forgot to get a photo!

It’s the weekend again and today we are having a relaxing day as the sun is shining and it’s looking like a beautiful day.  The days just seem to go so fast when you have a lazy late start.  I’ve made another batch of muffins today and we’ve had to clean the pool and top up the fish pond.  I’ve fertilised the orchids today too and I was so pleased to see one of them is starting to flower. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t manage to kill the plants before Raelene and Greg return from their holiday.  There is actually a bit of colour in our sunset tonight, so it was worthy of a photo.

We are heading up to the Swan Valley today to meet up with Greg and Allison.  Greg has been a friend of Andrew’s for over 40 years.  Now that statement is making us feel very old…  Wine tasting and lunch is the order of the day.  We arrive a few minutes early, it’s a drizzly cold day here in the west and we both make a dash from the car into the warm surrounds of the cellar door and restaurant.

Lamont’s is one of the States first Premium Wine and Food Families, initially in the late 70’s with Corin Lamont as Head Winemaker (one of Australia’s first female Winemaker’s) making a full range of wines under the mentorship of her late father, Jack Mann.  In 1989, Corin’s daughters Kate and Fiona added an eating experience to the Winery and the first Lamont’s Restaurant was born.

Let the tasting begin.  We start off with a Vintage Sparkling followed by a Pinot Gris, a Riesling, a Sauvignon Blanc – Semillon and a Navera-Chenan Blanc (my favourites & Allison’s where the Vintage Sparkling and the Sauvignon Blanc – Semillon).  The reds followed…by this stage I can’t remember what we are tasting except the some of the names; Pinot Monster,  Black Monster and Shiraz.  A complimentary bowl of marinated olives was on the counter too and they were delicious.

Allison and I choose a bottle of the Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon to accompany our lunch and the boys opt for soft-drinks as they are both driving us home.  Thanks Andrew and Greg!   Lunch is small plates and the food is really tasty.  Before long 4 hours has passed and we’ve given our jaws a real workout, talking of course.

We had a great day out and we plan to all catch up again at our property sit over the coming weeks.  Apricot Chicken has been cooking away in the crock pot while we’ve been out for the day and to be honest I don’t feel hungry at all.  That’s all for this week.

Wildlife:  wrens, llama, sheep, swans, horses, seagulls, galahs, shetland ponies, cattle.

Week 29 total expenses: $315.17 Now that’s something to strive for over the coming weeks.



That’s a wrap for Week 29 of the Lap of the Map.

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