Week 28 | Ledge Point to Whitby

Day 190: Ledge Point

It’s our last day at Ledge Point today and with virtually no WiFi reception we are doing the washing and spending the day relaxing.  I’m doing some colouring in and enjoying using my creative side of my brain while Andrew is reading his book and Cinta is chilling out on her bed.

We’ve met some lovely people in this park and enjoyed chatting throughout the day.  The weather has come over cloudy and cold forcing us indoors early to keep ourselves warm.

Wildlife:  honey-eaters, magpies, willy wagtails, seagulls.

Day 191: Ledge Point to the Swan Valley

Most nights are now under double digits and we are really feeling the cold.  This morning is another slow start to the day before heading on the road at 9.30am.  It’s warmed up to 14 degrees and we’re expecting a maximum of 18.  Today’s journey will be 132km.

The scenery is so picturesque as we are travelling, the banksias are all out in flower, yellow and purple wildflowers in abundance and grass trees are prolific along the highway.  It seems so strange to be seeing the grass trees along the western highway.  Wineries are now in sight and the traffic is growing.   As we are coming into the Swan Valley the traffic is at a standstill while two trucks manouvre over a bridge with heavy machinery on-board.

We arrive at the Midland Caravan Park and receive a warm welcome from the receptionist and a seniors discount for our powered site.  The roads within the park are very narrow and the site is very tight to manouvre into but Andrew does really well and we are parked up in no time.   A young guy who is currently residing at the park comes over to offer assistance and we get chatting for quite some time.

It’s time to stock up on groceries and have some retail therapy time to pick up some winter woolies.  We’ve decided to buy a slow cooker and a sandwich maker as we’re missing our slow cooked meals and toasted sandwiches.  K-mart is our first stop and we can’t believe how cheap everything is; we’ve picked up everything we need.  There’s a fabulous cafe called Miss Maud’s which we discovered in South Australia so we decide to have our lunch there.

Back at the park it’s getting really cold so it’s another early afternoon in the van with the heater on to keep ourselves warm.

Wildlife:  sheep, cattle, emus, No 28 parrots, Shetland pony, horses.

Day 192: Swan Valley to Whitby

Today is the day that we head off to our house sit for 9 weeks.  How strange will that feel to be in the one place for so long.  No more setting up and packing up the van every other day or week.  To be honest, I think we are both looking forward to staying in the one place for a while.

It is 15 degrees at 10.00am and we are on the move this morning after a cold overnight of 9 degrees.  The sat nav is set and we are heading for Whitby.  Our journey today is 53km.  On arrival we are met by Greg; it’s a very warm welcome.  Greg walks us around the property to show us where he would suggest that we park the van.  He knows we’ll be chasing the sun for the warmth so he’s picked a lovely spot beside the shed with easy access to power and water.

The property is 5 acres and has an abundance of pine trees, jacaranda trees, London plain trees, palm trees, frangipani trees, fruit trees, camelias, azaleas, roses, cliveas and that is just to name a few.  It’s absolutely beautiful and we know that we will love looking after this property.  It is so peaceful.  Raelene arrives home and invites us to the house for afternoon tea.  It’s great getting to know them both.

We spend most of the afternoon setting ourselves up.  Everything is out of the car and we are set up for the long term stay.  We have access to a toilet, laundry, power and water, the swimming pool (which I can’t see us using as the water is currently 12 degrees) and the outside pavillion areas.  It’s more than we could ever ask for.  Greg has built a lovely fire pit and paved area so we can sit outside and enjoy our own fires.

Wildlife:  black cockatoos, finches, wrens, llamas.

Day 193 – 196: Whitby

Waking up in Whitby after a cold night dropping down to 9 degrees, the sun is peeking it’s head through the clouds and today is a work day for me.  Andrew spends a lot of time chatting with Greg about the property and Raelene is busy today babysitting their grandson.

After lunch I take a break and Andrew and I have a walk to nearby Mundijong.  It’s only about 3km away and easy to find.  There are wildflowers and wattle everywhere along the roadside.  We have heard trains back at the property and we soon have to cross the tracks to arrive at the Mundijong village.  There’s a lovely little community garden, an IGA, a pub, doctor, chemist and a few other small shops.  It’s a lovely walk to take when we need milk and bread.

There are a couple of strange looking succulents outside the Community Garden that we’re not sure exactly what they are.  If it’s open next time we take a walk, we’ll pop in and have a look around and see if we can find out what they are.  Back home and back to work.  I have some catching up to do given that I’ve been out of range for 4 days now.

Raelene and Greg are leaving this morning, we said our goodbyes last night as they have an early start.  Time for us to catch up on washing and time for me to do a bit more work.  Andrew has sweet and sour pork in the slow cooker and then he’ll organise some timber for the fire pit for this afternoon.

I’m feeling really cold today, the maximum is supposed to be 16 but that won’t happen until around 3.00pm.  It’s overcast and the sun just can’t peek through the clouds.  The washing is not drying so Andrew has moved it to under the patio roof.  I tried to help, but being vertically challenged, I can’t reach the clothes line outside or on the patio.  I guess that’s going to be Andrew’s job for the next 9 weeks!

Cinta is loving the freedom of being off lead.  She has sniffed every corner of this property and comes back to the van covered in leaves or dirt all over her snout.  It’s too cold for me to work inside so I’ve got Andrew lighting the fire and I’m heading out to the fire pit.  I don’t like using the reverse cycle heater all the time in the van and having a fire pit is a perfect excuse to be outside enjoying it – even if I am working!  Happy Hour is calling…

It’s the weekend and Andrew has bacon and eggs cooking outside, the smell drives me out of my warm bed.  The sun is out – hooray – time to put the washing back out on the clothes line. Andrew where are you?   We’re heading for 19 degrees today, so it should be a beautiful day.  The shopping district at Whitby is about 6km away and there is a Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Aldi so the grocery prices should be competitive.  A quick trip to pick up a few items as I’d like to make a nice pumpkin soup and buy a couple of bottles of wine.  This afternoon is spent writing this blog.

I love camellias.  We used to grow them all along our fence line when we lived in Brisbane, so seeing these in the garden here at the property makes me very happy and brings back many fond memories of Brisbane.

Last night dropped to 7 degrees and it’s currently 7.30am and only 9 degrees.  The country market is on just around the corner so we’ll take a walk down later to see what it has to offer.  It’s a small market but there are quite a lot of people here. There are lots of chickens, geese, rabbits, roosters, pigs and goats that are apparently being auctioned off later in the day.   There are a few plant stalls, lots of bric-a-brac and second hand goods and piping hot donuts.  Now who could go past a donut?

It’s turned out to be a beautiful day and we have reached our top temperature of 19 degrees by lunch time.  We’re going to try out the pizza oven today and my best friend Mr Google has told us how to cook a pizza in this flash oven.  With a garden full of fresh herbs, they will top of the pizza nicely.  There is only one word to describe our pizza today; YUM.  NB; one half with no green garnishes – that is Andrew’s half!

This afternoon has been spent watching an online video of a couple who took a dog on the Spirit of Tasmania, it’s been great to watch as it’s answered quite a few of our questions and some further research on the site has answered all the other questions about taking the caravan.  We are now booked to depart on November 13th returning on March 4th which will give us plenty of time to explore Tasmania.  The clock will be ticking once we leave our property sit at the end of September to make our way over to Melbourne.

That’s all for this week folks so stay tuned to see what we get up to while exploring the surrounding suburbs of Perth.

Wildlife:  black cockatoos, finches, wrens, doves, ducks, llamas, kangaroo, horses.

Week 28 total expenses: $632.23 – that’s starting to look a little bit better.  An additional $2,190.36 is an extraordinary expense for the ferry to Tasmania.  The return fare cost included the following:  car, caravan (both priced according to length), a cabin overnight and a kennel for Cinta.



That’s a wrap for Week 28 of the Lap of the Map.

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