Handy gadgets to make life easier on the road!

As the countdown draws closer to the big lap adventure, it’s time to get serious and get some handy gadgets to make life easier.  We’ve spoken to a lot of people who have been on the road and there’s some simple bits and bobs that you can install in your van or have in the car for the big lap.

Solar Power Battery Monitor

Our solar battery is under our bed so we’ve installed the solar power battery monitor in a cupboard & it lights up when pressed showing you the percentage of power available.  The meter then turns itself off, saving on consumption.

Solar Battery Meter

Water Tank Level Indicator

The water tank level indicator comes with it’s own battery so there is no need to wire it into a 12 volt supply.  Simply press the button to monitor the level of the water in your tank.  Priced at under $50 it’s well worth it to us so that we don’t have to climb under the van to see how much water is still on board!

Water tank level indicator

Sirocco 12 Volt Fan

An absolute essential in my view.  We are set up to free camp and when it’s stinking hot outside the Sirocco fan delivers some welcome relief, especially at night time when you’re ready to lay back in bed and watch a good movie on the tele.

Some may think it’s an expensive gadget to have at around $150, however, it has 3 speed settings and 4 preset timer settings and it’s relatively quiet.  We had a friend install it for us and we’ve placed it on the wall which divides the kitchen from the bedroom.  360 degree directional airflow and lightweight at 1.2kg.

Sirocco 12v fan

Uniden Hand Held Radio

Saved the marriage!  We have never towed anything until we bought our caravan in 2018.  We planned on taking a towing course, however, we live in regional North Queensland at Mission Beach and there was no towing courses available remotely close to home.

We had one lesson with a friend (thanks again Les) and then we went solo.  We had 5 practice trips away and mostly were able to drive in and then back up to straighten ourselves up.  Andrew did the backing up and I was giving instructions from the back of the van – running backwards and forwards and apparently not giving the right instructions!

Solution; the hand held radio.  It comes with 80 UHF channels (we’ll probably only ever use one or two), LCD display screen, takes three AAA rechargeable batteries in each handset, up to 3km+ range and 20 hours operating time.  Priced under $50, it’s a MUST HAVE item.

Uniden Hand Held Radio

We’ll be adding to this list as we travel, so don’t forget to pop back again and check out any new additions that we might find along the way.

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